Who Is The Greatest Of Them All

July 11th, 2014

Mirrored Furniture…

Venetian, Romano, Rimano, Florence… Well before we delve deeply into the vast array of choices that are available to help adorn your home, lets take a quick look back at the origins of what is known today as mirrored furniture…

It’s conceivable that for thousands of years, long before the actual invention of a mirror our ancestors would have been gazing at their reflections in still pools of water. But to pinpoint the first actual mirror, we have to trace as far back as the 12th century.

The first mirrors in existence were often bronze, copper or any form of metal, made and designed concave to send a reflection back to the person looking at it. With a very distorted and unclear reflection, this then inspired the search for other materials. Perfectly flat and a creating an incredible  reflection, glass was from then on, the perfect material for mirrors.

Glass itself was invented in neighbouring Lebanon so it makes sense the mirror would be nearby. Through a process of blowing a thin sphere of glass into a bubble and pouring hot lead into the bulb of the glass, once cooled it would coat the inside of the glass which could then be broken into pieces. Creating a perfect reflection, the new technology would spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire. Useful of course for their self-admiration, but also the beginning of mirrors appearing in design as they would start to utilize it to create magical amulets.

Once embraced by the Roman’s, the mirror would take its next step forward as they altered the making process slightly to give the mirror a thin metal backing,  allowing much more freedom to be further incorporated into objects and as furniture.

So… where did actual mirrored furniture originate from? Well as you have probably guessed, Italy. Venice would be one of the first locations where successfully experimenting with mirrored furniture pieces would take place, so much so that to this day Venetian furniture is still one of the most popular. Their creativity and ingenuity would produce fantastic pieces encompassing floral etching and unique patterns all heavily influenced by the art-deco movement. Venice at this time became the Mecca of mirrored furniture but gradually over the following centuries many highly trained and skilled craftsmen left, taking their ideas with them to France, England, Europe and eventually globally!

Perfect for brightening up any room and an ideal option for giving the appearance of a bigger and lighter room, I’ts no wonder mirrored furniture has rose to huge popularity in recent years. And.. It’s here to stay!

At Homesdirect365, we have a huge and vast variety of mirrored furniture. All featuring individual designs and styles to give you the ultimate choice in your wonderful home. From the simplistic design of our Romano furniture to the more decorative and stylishly curved exclusive collection of our Florence and Rimini ranges, we are sure to have the perfect piece/s of mirrored furniture to suit every individual taste and style.

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June 27th, 2014

The word ‘chandelier’ is instantly synonymous with class, elegance and style. Ornate historic hanging lights that are as much about aesthetics as they are practicality.

Originating in France, the word chandelier is derived from “chandelle” simply meaning candle holder, which prior to the 16th century was simply a wooden cross consisting of a small spike at the end containing candles as the only form of light. During the 16th century and onwards, chandeliers gradually become a status decoration, generally appearing in the more wealthier households.

As time progressed in tandum with housing quality, chandeliers began to become a lighting/decoration option for the working class. While wealthier homes boasted ornately detailed and crafted chandeliers of brass, the more common households used wood, iron, and tin sheet for their chandeliers. As artisans began to experiment with light refraction, chandeliers made from mirrors, brass decorative plates and quartz crystals started to emerge. Giving you an unlimited selection of affordable yet extensively decorated lighting that is now available today.

For those seeking a quality chandalier the choice is vast, would you go for modern Cut glass chandeliers? Antique French chandeliers?, what ever you are after, we at Homesdirect365 have a huge variety of lighting options available to match your desired style and help create the perfect setting, brightening up any room of your choice. From Antique white to clear crystal and acrylic, be sure to have a through browse at our extensive range of antique French and shabby chic lighting.

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Summer Garden Furniture

June 13th, 2014

Summer Garden Furniture

After a never ending winter and a tepid spring, summer is finally upon us! With the glorious sunshine in its fullest form, it’s time to get working on the second extension to your home… the garden.

From shabby chic to antique French garden furniture, we offer a huge variety of styles for creating the perfect garden setting.

Wine and dining with family? hosting social gathering’s for friends, or simply creating a beautiful and calming surrounding for you to soak up all those highly anticipated sun rays. Well we offer the perfect garden furniture to suit all needs.

Most outdoor entertainment revolves around the principle of a dining table and chairs. The choices we offer are myriad, from the comfort of our stunning rattan armchairs to the simplistic style of our antique French table and chairs, we cater for all requirements.

I can hear you thinking… what about those (hopefully rare!) stints of unpredictable weather, providing the ultimate test of quality on garden items alike? Well we have that covered, all of our items are handcrafted to a very high standard, giving you garden furniture at a truly high quality,  capable of withstanding even the most testing of conditions that the British weather often throws at us!

So why not accentuate style in your wonderful home today with our exceptional range of outdoor furnishings and achieve the perfect garden!

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Achieving The Perfect Bedroom

May 28th, 2014

Your bedroom, essentially, should be a quiet place, a calming oasis where tranquil moments by yourself or with a loved one are savored. It’s there, after all, where you drift off night after night, to recharge from life’s everyday stresses. Working on the premise that we spend as much as a third of our lives in slumber, shouldn’t the sleep zone be lavished to the max? A hugely popular aesthetic look, is the antique French or shabby chic bedroom setting, so read on for that perfect bedroom look…

Antique French Bedroom Furniture… why antique French… Elegance, beauty, sophistication and charm, are but of a few of the words associated with the classic antique French style furniture. Sound good? well antique French furniture includes some of the most sophisticated furniture that has ever been produced, from exquisite Baroque style to the elegant Rococo style. Every piece features strong history within the design and some of the most prominent and luxurious hand carved detailing’s around.

So is your bedroom living space up to scratch? Look around; are you ensconced in the adjectives used above?  Or…  is your sleep zone falling apart at the seams becoming slightly dull and boring? Come on… if you want to feel indulged and have that perfect bedroom look, it’s time to start dreaming… or is it…

With the famous La Rochelle collection of furniture featured above, that dream bedroom can become reality!

Every aspect hand carved from long lasting high quality mahogany, and completed in either a stunning antique white finish, antique silver finish or a luxurious satin black finish. As one of the most popular and sought after ranges, the La Rochelle collection ensures elegance and the utmost quality, displaying smooth curves with intricate ornate design allowing you to achieve that perfect French boudoir feel.

Our exciting and full collection of bedroom furniture can be found right here. After more information? Simply give our friendly and expert sales team a call on 01642 455589.

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Strength To Strength

May 9th, 2014

Strength to Strength

We are now well into 2014 and it is already proving to be a record breaking year for retailers! As industry figures show that the UK spent £23bn online in the first quarter – a 17% increase over the year according to industry group IMRG.

Internet and mobile shopping is the future… Cash and credit cards won’t be things of the past any time soon, but mobile and internet shopping will definitely contribute a huge amount of the sales reached for businesses and companies alike in 2014. Mobile payments alone are expected to amount to $90 billion in the coming years, as we anticipate that in 2014, we will see the greatest increase in mobile and internet sales compared to previous years.

E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe, with sales expected to reach a combined total of £111.2 billion in 2014, so with e-commerce and Homesdirect365 we are delighted that online shopping is helping to strengthen the British economy.

With the rise of online shopping becoming more popular than ever, why not have a look at our stunning bedroom collections and create the perfect bedroom setting for your wonderful home. With our exclusive range of hand carved antique French and shabby chic furniture you are sure to add much elegance and aesthetics, with many pieces featuring strong historic styles and ornate detailing.

Featured above we have a stunning bedroom shot of our Rococo Antique French furniture range.

If we look at Rococo The name ‘rococo’ is generally accepted as being a combination of the French word ‘rocaille’ (meaning stone) and ‘coquilles’ (meaning shell) due to the reliance on these items as decorative motifs. It may also be derived from the Italian word ‘barocco’ (meaning Baroque) as it is not dissimilar from the popular Baroque style furniture (featured below) which preceded it. Characterised by delicate, curved outlines, rock and scallop shell decorations and with asymmetrical details Rococo differs from Baroque which leaned more towards symmetrical details. Rococo furniture is often seen as being in harmony with the excesses seen during the reign of Louis XV. During this period furniture became more ornately decorated and extravagant with wood being painted, enamelled, gilded and carved.

A perfect addition to your home, our range of Rococo furniture is made from hand carved mahogany, and is finished in an exquisite antique white.

Very similar to our above collection, the Baroque collection of antique French furniture is also made from hand carved mahogany, and features strong ornate detailing throughout.

The reign of the French king Louis XIV was characterised by the Baroque style. The Versailles Palace and the Louvre were decorated in a strong, dramatic and exuberant style echoing the king’s strong leadership in a period of war and colonial empire building. The French classical Baroque style was grand and impressive, a symbol of power.

We also offer a bespoke service, catering for your exact requirements. So what ever style and sizes you are after, just let us know and we can create the perfect piece of antique French or shabby chic furniture for you.

for more information, be sure to give us a call on (01642) 455589 and speak to one of our highly trained sales advisers, and see what we can offer you today!

Homesdirect365′s Got Talent

April 28th, 2014

Homesdirect365′s Got Talent

We are well underway with one of the most highly watched talent shows of the year; as Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden take place and help us choose the coveted winner of this years Britain’s got talent.

From past winners such as Attraction and Diversity, talent is always high!

So sit back, relax and enjoy in style as we watch Simon Cowell and co filtering out the incredible talent from the… not so incredible!

So as we will all no doubt be judging talent over the next few months, we thought what better fitting way than to introduce and give an insight to the incredible talent that goes into making our exceptional hand carved furniture. From our luxurious collection of LA Rochelle furniture to the exquisite detailing of our Rococo collection, all of our ranges are hand carved, giving you truly unique items with the utmost quality guaranteed.

The preliminary stage is preparing the natural wood that will be used, Taking the sheets of wood and turning that via drying process into manageable wood to work with. With the wood at this stage it is then passed to a set of our highly skilled workers to shape and carve each piece.

At this stage, the skill and attention to detail is staggering. As seen in the picture below the shape of a La Rochelle bed is coming together and the individual pieces, such as the headboard and foot board are individually made with the utmost care taken on every piece. This aspect is what puts an immense personal touch to our furniture, very few high street furniture retailers can provide a completely unique piece like this every time and there’s charm to that, a subtle vibe that it was crafted by hand rather than mass produced via machines.

After weeks of craft, enough units are produced to fulfill demand. They’ve been carved, painted, treated to give an antique effect or gloss or various other finishes, and are now ready to arrive at Homedirect365 so we can take final care of the items.

At the final stage, after our furniture has been delivered by our highly trained delivery drivers, we strive to make sure our customers are happy with the furniture they have received with after sales support available. Our testimonial page on our website will hopefully testify that our service and furniture throughout all these steps are of the highest regard. We continue to grow and expand and hopefully as Homesdirect365 customers you feel a little bit more aware of the long process involved to make your furniture.

So for talent and the most luxurious antique French and shabby chic furnishings around, look no further than us at homesdirect365, we are the only winner!

For more information on any of our exceptional ranges, just give one of our highly trained sales team a call on 01642 455589, or alternatively register for our newsletter at www.homesdirect365.co.uk for all the latest news and information on our upcoming ranges.

Antique French Furniture For The Masters

April 13th, 2014

Antique French Furniture For The Masters

One of the most prestigious tournaments in golf starts today, come 12.45 GMT time, many will be teeing off in eager anticipation to be awarded the coveted green jacket.

Can Adam Scott replicate his form of the 2013 masters and be the first player since Tiger Woods in 2002 to win consecutive master titles? Or will the famous green jacket be destined for a new face? A questions many of us will want answering.

So as you get ready to enjoy the next four days of golf, why not enjoy it that little bit more?

Pride, passion, luxury are but a few of the words we here at Homesdirect365 have in common with the masters. With our exquisite collection of antique French furniture and shabby chic furniture, you are guaranteed the most luxurious furniture pieces around… perfect for watching the next four days of exciting golf.

Featured above we have the luxurious La Rochelle range, every aspect hand carved from long lasting high quality mahogany, and completed in a stunning antique white finish. As one of the most popular and sought after ranges, the La Rochelle collection ensures elegance and the utmost quality, displaying smooth curves with intricate ornate design allowing you to achieve that perfect French boudoir feel.

At Homesdirect365 we understand how important your home is to you, which is why we aim to help you enhance the appearance with only the highest quality hand crafted furniture. Each item available portrays the love, art and nature from the most romantic and artistic places in the world; all of which have been specifically identified to bring a senses of elegance to any home setting.

For more information on our marvelous La Rochelle collection, simply click Here, and be sure to follow us on the below links and keep updated with all of the latest news and collections from our stunning furniture ranges!

British Summer Time Furniture

March 26th, 2014

British Summer Time Furniture

As we approach March 30th, it is time we trade an hour sleep for a little extra daylight… a fair bargain right?

After the bitter cold weather of winter, summertime is what many of us are eagerly looking forward to. As we all anticipate the glorious sunshine that greets us every year (sort of), we have to first remember when it is that the clocks go forward. Well to save you the hassle, remember to change your clocks on the 30th!

So, in the early hours of the morning of March 30th, when it hits one AM the clocks will leap forward to two AM instead, and we are that much closer to summertime!

Getting ready for summer? Well we here at Homesdirect365 are no different. Over the next few months we are rolling out some perfect Antique French and shabby chic furnishings, all ideal for the summer. As our range of furniture steadily grows, you now have a perfect reason to decorate your wonderful home, adding elegance and aesthetics in abundance.

We have featured above a small selection of our wonderful Clocks, combining practicality and style all in one! But for the perfect bedroom, it can be a much tougher choice;

Your bed is the main feature of your bedroom, it takes centre stage. So it’s really important that you get it right! so to help we have all of our bedroom collections in one place, right here!

Below we have an example of a bedroom, featuring our stunning new Montpellier Blanc Range; a luxurious collection that features designs inspired from many historic French furniture ranges and handcrafted from solid natural mindi wood.

As shown, the bed takes center stage and complimenting it fantastically is our marvelous Montpellier Bedside and Dressing Table Set.

For more information on our Montpellier collection, simply click Here, and be sure to follow us on the below links and keep updated with all of the latest news and collections from our stunning furniture ranges!

Saint Patrick’s Day

March 13th, 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. Most of what is known about him comes from his two works; the Confessio, a spiritual autobiography, and his Epistola, a denunciation of British mistreatment of Irish christians. In popular culture, saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on the 17th March annually. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture.

Now heavily associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Celebrated throughout the world with all taking part in similar festivities, St Patrick’s day is a popular cultural religious holiday.

Guinness on St Patrick’s Day!

Another poplar modern day tradition is the popular drink, a pint of Guinness. On any given day 5.5 million pints of Guinness, the famous Irish stout brand, are consumed around the world, But on St. Patrick’s Day, that number more than doubles to 13 million pints!

As St Patrick’s day is only a week a way, we at Homesdirect365 are celebrating the fine day in style.

Featured below are examples of some of our stunning green antique French and shabby chic furnishings. All handcrafted by experts, providing you with some of the highest quality French furniture around.

At Homesdirect 365 we understand how important your home is to you, which is why we aim to help you enhance the appearance with only the highest quality hand crafted furniture. Each item available portrays the love, art and nature from the most romantic and artistic places in the world; all of which have been specifically identified to bring a senses of elegance to any interior. When browsing through each item you will see for yourself how beautiful and delicate these pieces are.

Can’t find exactly what you are after? Then our bespoke service could be perfect for you. We can tailor make any design to your exact requirements and specifications, to find out more information visit out bespoke service right here!

Celebrate St Patrick’s day in style with us at Homesdirect365!

Mother’s Day

February 27th, 2014

Mother’s Day

A celebration taking place on a Sunday, generally the fourth Sunday of lent.  This mothering holiday has its roots in the church and was originally unrelated to the American holiday. Most historians believe that Mothering Sunday evolved from the 16th-century Christian practice of visiting one’s mother church annually on Laetare Sunday. As a result of this tradition, most mothers were reunited with their children on this day when young apprentices and young women in service were released by their masters for that weekend. As a result of the influence of the American Mother’s Day, Mothering Sunday transformed into the tradition of showing appreciation to one’s mother.

It is now widely celebrated, with many children paying homage to show the love, affection and giving thanks to the role mums pay in their lives.

One of the biggest traditions for mother’s day is the giving of gifts, usually flowers or chocolates.

As Mother’s day steadily approaches, we at Homesdirect365 are giving you some of the perfect gifts for that special mother in your life. We have some of the most luxurious furnishings on offer, from the elegance of our Antique French Furniture, to the charm of our stunning shabby chic furniture.

Featured above we have a selection of wonderful dressing table set’s that are an excellent gift idea, proving aesthetics and practicality all in one!

At Homesdirect365, we have a huge array of items. So be sure to have a thorough browse of our selections and find the perfect gift for the wonderful mother in your life.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for then simply give our highly trained sales team a call and see how we can help you with that perfect gift today!