October 2010

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Creating the perfect Lounge space…

The lounge is for entertaining and relaxation – and if you want yours to be perfect for both, you need to decorate with care… French Rouen Bookcase When it comes to versatile rooms in the home, the lounge is one of those at the top. The lounge can function as both a room for rest and respite after a hard day at work, and also as a room in which you entertain guests and enjoy a lively evening of talk, games and wine – which brings to mind two very different decoration styles.... Read More

Making your room seem bigger…

No matter how much you love your home, if there’s something about it that bothers you, it can be hard to ignore. And if that something happens to be a structural issue – such as having rooms that are too small – it can be frustrating as you feel there’s nothing you can do. Well,that’s not necessarily the case – there’s actually plenty you can do! And it doesn’t even involve knocking down any walls… well, unless you really want to! If your home has a room or several rooms... Read More

Creating a beautiful dinner party…

There’s nothing quite like hosting the perfect dinner party for friends and family alike. Putting together a fantastic atmosphere, delectable cuisine, gorgeous wine and the perfect background music is something of a skill, though there are certainly ways you can give yourself a head start into always hosting the best dinner parties. If you want your guests to be talking about how great your party was for weeks to come, you must be prepared to put a little work in first. For example, if you’re hoping to entertain a lot, you’ll need to really think... Read More


Country Farmhouse…Immensely popular new furniture

In Normandy and the Loire Valley of France, farm silos were often attached to the main living quarters instead of a separate barn. At the end of World War I, the Americans romanticized the traditional French farmhouse, and created a style known as French Normandy. Since then the style has taken a few turns and combines other French styles to find a home under  the phrase; Country Farmhouse. We here at HomesDirect365 recently added an extensive range of Country Farmhouse furniture and the surge in interest for these pieces has been substantial... Read More