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Creating the perfect Lounge space…

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

The lounge is for entertaining and relaxation – and if you want yours to be perfect for both, you need to decorate with care…

French Rouen Bookcase

French Rouen Bookcase

When it comes to versatile rooms in the home, the lounge is one of those at the top. The lounge can function as both a room for rest and respite after a hard day at work, and also as a room in which you entertain guests and enjoy a lively evening of talk, games and wine - which brings to mind two very different decoration styles. For a relaxing and restful room, you might think of light and airy colours that compliment the same type of mood, whereas when it comes to entertaining and evening conversation and drinks, you might think of warmer, darker colours that match the style of evening coming up ahead.

If you want your lounge to be used for both of these functions, it might be hard to reconcile these very different ideas. However, not all is lost – there are a few tricks you can try out to ensure that your room is ideal for both resting and relaxing on a Sunday morning and for partying and having fun the night before!

One of the keys to deciding which type of atmosphere a room will have is lighting. If you want it to appear bright and airy, you should endeavour to have it as lit as possible. This means either having sheer curtains so the light comes in during the day, blinds you can twist depending on how much light you want inside, or thick curtains you can tie back when it’s appropriate. Natural light is obviously only a factor during the daytime, so if you want your room to be relaxing and rejuvenating during the day, getting as much natural light as possible will make a huge difference – even if your wall colour scheme is the warm, darker theme mentioned above. But if you decide to go with lighter wall colouring, you can still create that cosy, warm mood that darker paint would bring – simply by choosing the right lights. Nothing says intimate social encounter quite like candlelight, and if you want your lounge to be excellent for evening soirees, then a candle or two and some well-placed, shaded lamps will help create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

It’s truly that simple – lighting is all you need to make a world of difference to the mood of your lounge. And if you want to go that little bit further in creating the perfect lounge for relaxing and entertaining, why not look into Antique French Lounge Furniture that will have both you and your guests smiling with appreciation?

Making your room seem bigger…

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture

No matter how much you love your home, if there’s something about it that bothers you, it can be hard to ignore. And if that something happens to be a structural issue – such as having rooms that are too small – it can be frustrating as you feel there’s nothing you can do. Well,that’s not necessarily the case – there’s actually plenty you can do! And it doesn’t even involve knocking down any walls… well, unless you really want to!

If your home has a room or several rooms that seem to be too small, there are plenty of tricks that can make them appear larger. One idea is to get more light into the room. Light and brightness have the ability to make rooms appear larger, so if you have a window in the room make the most of it – keep thin veils or blinds on the window so the most natural light getsin. You can also use dynamic, eye-catching curtains to draw the attention to the window andthe outside world, which is another trick that gives the illusion of space. Additionally, when it comes to paint and decoration, keep the colouring light and airy, and the furniture minimal. If the floor space is cluttered or minimised thanks to too much bulky furniture, the effect is that the room will appear smaller once more. Another tip which follows on from this is to keep theroom clean! As indicated above, too much clutter will make the room look small – and this goes for ‘wall clutter’ too: keep paintings, pictures and wall ornamentation to a minimum.

Rectangular Mirror


One thing you can add to your walls however, is mirrors. Mirrors are a fantastic piece of furniture that have many uses. They can reflect the light from outside and make rooms look brighter, they can be used for personal grooming purposes, and they can even make rooms look bigger! Just as looking out of the window at the world outside makes a person feel as if they are in more spacious an area, so mirrors give off the illusion of space. Just seeing a room reflected in the surface of a mirror tricks the mind into thinking there’s a lot more space than there actually is.

So there are solutions to tiny rooms! If you want your small rooms to appear more spacious, simply try out a few of the ideas above, such as painting with light colours or getting some mirrored furniture, and see just how much of a difference it makes for you.

Creating a beautiful dinner party…

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Bordeaux Wine Table

There’s nothing quite like hosting the perfect dinner party for friends and family alike. Putting together a fantastic atmosphere, delectable cuisine, gorgeous wine and the perfect background music is something of a skill, though there are certainly ways you can give yourself a head start into always hosting the best dinner parties.

If you want your guests to be talking about how great your party was for weeks to come, you must be prepared to put a little work in first. For example, if you’re hoping to entertain a lot, you’ll need to really think about the space you do it in. While it can be fun to sit your guests at the kitchen table so you can chat with them while you work, it isn’t always the most ideal atmosphere. In fact, it can be quite cramped and claustrophobic, making it difficult for your guests (and you) to relax. Instead, you should design and decorate a separate dining room.

If you have a spare room in your house that you just don’t really use, why not transform it into the perfect dinner party area? You can paint or paper the walls in a way to suit the mood and buy the furniture most needed to make a dinner party run smoothly – starting with a table and chairs! On top of this, you can place speakers for music in the corners of the ceiling, add a dresser boutique in which you can house place mats, wine, spirits, bottle openers and candles, and enjoy having a room that is always ready for the next big party.

Country Farmhouse Display

While it’s true that the main success of a dinner party is in the way the guests get along with one another, you can certainly improve your chances of  success by creating  the perfect  atmosphere. Choose your furniture wisely; you might want a table with extendable leaves where you can increase or reduce the size of the table based on how many people are attending. If you really want to impress, why not purchase some of our French dining furniture and watch as your guests exclaim over how elegant and sophisticated it is?

And finally, one of the greatest things about having a single room dedicated solely to the purpose of entertaining is that it’s always ready for action, meaning all you have to worry about is preparing a delightful meal, ensuring the chatter is still going, and that the wine is still flowing!

Country Farmhouse…Immensely popular new furniture

Friday, October 8th, 2010

In Normandy and the Loire Valley of France, farm silos were often attached to the main living quarters instead of a separate barn. At the end of World War I, the Americans romanticized the traditional French farmhouse, and created a style known as French Normandy. Since then the style has taken a few turns and combines other French styles to find a home under  the phrase; Country Farmhouse.

We here at HomesDirect365 recently added an extensive range of Country Farmhouse furniture and the surge in interest for these pieces has been substantial to say the least. Antique Furniture wouldn’t be true to it’s nature if it didn’t evoke a feeling, take you back through time to a certain period and transform your home into a time capsule of escape, and these pieces of Country Farmhouse furniture hit right at the heart of this idea. The rustic and worn look to the furniture gives it the character equal to those farm houses back in the Loire Valley, and most importantly takes your own home right back in time. A farm with its beauty and relaxing secluded charm can take you right out of the hustle of a modern fast paced lifestyle, and perhaps this is exactly what people are craving for right now. Why not join the proud owners of the Country Farmhouse collection, and see it’s powerful beauty for yourself.