August 2011


Now In Stock… Victorian Collection!

With our Victorian Collection that is both of constant high demand from our customers and hand crafted with a vast amount of attention to detail, it's unique to have the opportunity to place an order for Victorian furniture and have it be immediately available for dispatch straight away. A lot of our Victorian items are in that situation... well stocked and ready, but acting fast with your order before they go is a must!

A look at Mirrored Furniture…

In Italy between the 12th and 17th Century in a period of history referred to as The Renaissance, Venice became the main site of high quality mirror production with craftsmen keeping their techniques and skills closely guarded in secrecy. Louis XIV's finance minister in France was eventually able to tempt them into sharing, and by the mid-17th Century mirror production was also booming in Paris and London.

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Now available…Gift Vouchers!

Now onto the big news; we are delighted to announce the brand new addition of Gift Vouchers into our website. After a lot of requests we have implemented the ideal opportunity to give the fantastic gift of our furniture, or even something smaller making this perfect for wedding and house warming gifts. With the purchase amount as much or as little as you want, the possibilities are endless.