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Now In Stock… Victorian Collection!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Victorian Collection

With our Victorian Collection that is both of constant high demand from our customers and hand crafted with a vast amount of attention to detail, it’s unique to have the opportunity to place an order for Victorian furniture and have it be immediately available for dispatch straight away. A lot of our Victorian items are in that situation… well stocked and ready, but acting fast with your order before they go is a must!

In the Victorian era there wasn’t one dominant style of furniture, but instead a mixture of Gothic, Rococo, Tudor and many other styles. As you can see the Victorian Collection combines beautiful regal and floral design with a slight hint of modern contemporary. Utilising this Victorian idea to fuse and combine styles into a new and interesting piece is abundant here and helps to make the Victorian Collection extremely popular.

Every aspect as previously mentioned is hand carved with great skill from a combination of Fir Pine and MDF, and finished in a distressed ivory paint. The sentiments evoked from individual Victorian pieces and as a whole as part of the full bedroom set are of romance and elegance, greatly uplifting to your spirit each day. It’s these reasons the Victorian Collection is the favourite of many.

Don’t hang around debating, make a move now for the Victorian Collection while it’s in stock and we know you will be extremely happy with your new bedroom set!

A look at Mirrored Furniture…

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Mirrored Furniture

It’s difficult to envision our modern society based on image and appearance functioning without that reflective surface we use every day… in the bathroom, in the car, in your purse, the mirror is everywhere.

Before the 12th Century to look yourself in the eyes you would have had to lean over still water, but around the end of the 12th Century metallic backing was applied to glass to begin creating the first examples of what we now know as the mirror.

In Italy between the 12th and 17th Century in a period of history referred to as The Renaissance, Venice became the main site of high quality mirror production with craftsmen keeping their techniques and skills closely guarded in secrecy. Louis XIV’s finance minister in France was eventually able to tempt them into sharing, and by the mid-17th Century mirror production was also booming in Paris and London.

These great stories and history behind the creation and evolution of the mirror brings us to the present day, as we showcase one of our most prominent and beautiful collections; mirrored furniture. Greatly inspired by the style of these Venetian and Renaissance period craftsmen, our mirrored furniture makes for a truly breathtaking transformation of a room. The pictures only begin to show you its stunning reflective beauty and high quality finish, take the leap and try something a little different for your home with mirrored furniture… we know you’re going to be impressed.

Now available…Gift Vouchers!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Gift Vouchers

Lots of exciting new developments to talk about this week here at HomesDirect365! Our newsletter has had a bit of a transformation with a lot more information and links for you at the bottom. Great to forward onto a friend and allow them to take advantage of our free shipping on orders over £600 or perhaps you were not aware we can fulfill international orders.

Now onto the big news; we are delighted to announce the brand new addition of Gift Vouchers into our website. After a lot of requests we have implemented the ideal opportunity to give the fantastic gift of our furniture, or even something smaller making this perfect for wedding and house warming gifts. With the purchase amount as much or as little as you want, the possibilities are endless.

You can personalise it with a message, you can stipulate a date which you would like it to be sent (for a birthday for example), and with a code emailed to the recipient all they have to do is redeem it at the checkout by entering it in. It couldn’t be simpler and easier to brighten someone’s day and give them a wonderful gift, with over 7,000 items to choose from to use it on.