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Gift Vouchers Reminder!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Gift VouchersIn the lead up to Christmas we just wanted to give little reminders here at Homes Direct 365 that we offer Gift Vouchers, in any value of your choosing. A perfect chance to give family or a friend the gift of long lasting hand carved furniture that they can cherish and show off in their home, but with the added bonus of allowing them to choose their own style.

All the information on how the Gift Vouchers work is at the bottom of the Gift Voucher page, but basically you purchase the amount and we will email you a voucher code which can then be redeemed anytime 12 months after by simply entering it into your shopping cart when placing an order.

Stay tuned until next week to the usual sources; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube for more updates and videos!

Warming Up For Winter at Homes Direct 365…

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Winter at Homes Direct 365

The clocks go back this weekend and the Winter nights are upon us, it feels like the perfect opportunity to make you aware of the great fireplace accessories and fire guards we have available here at Homes Direct 365.

Sitting around a burning fire for warmth is one of the oldest and most basic of rituals, even to this day it still provides a sense of comfort as it crackles… a great focal point in the room for gathering around and spending time with your family.

Be sure to take advantage of our low prices and accessorise your fireplace! Also, don’t forget if you recommend Homes Direct 365 to friend and they successfully place an order with us, you can receive a further 10% off your next order.

Some tips when buying furniture…

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Make note of the measurements of the furniture and measure the spot in your home where its intended for.  This way you can be sure it will fit, a lot of people don’t measure the intended space before they buy or rely on an eye observation… this can save a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Make sure the furniture will fit into your home, take a close look at the access points of your home (stairs, door frames etc.) and measure the tightest points and again compare these with the items of furniture you intend to order to make sure they will fit.  If in doubt please contact us as many of the items that we sell are fully assembled.  Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that items fit into your home and we ask that you provide appropriate protection to any surfaces you wish to protect, and to provide ample room for any assembly.

Order ASAP to avoid delays. If you are decorating in your home and require a piece of furniture to be delivered when the work is completed and at a certain time, please order in advance as this way you can avoid any delays in delivery and ensure delivery of your furniture for the dates you want it.  Our furniture is hand carved and we take care and time to ensure high quality.

Inspect your furniture for any damage or defects when it is delivered. You have the option to inspect on delivery with the delivery driver, but in the unlikely event of any problems report damage to us within 48 hours and we will be happy to rectify the problem immediately.

In Stock For Christmas…

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

With 66 days until Christmas, it is perhaps a little to early for some to be planning for what to buy! But here at Homes Direct 365 when we pride ourselves on hand made furniture, with craftsmanship on our items that takes time and patience to carve and paint and finish…It’s best to get in there early for Christmas orders!

We have a lot of our popular ranges currently in stock already, the Victorian collection and Mirrored (Romano and Sorrento)inparticular which as we established a couple weeks ago in a previous newsletter are the runaway favourites of our staff. Both truly beautiful collections and without a doubt will be flying out as Christmas approaches.

Furniture taste can be very personal however, so as a present to someone it can be tricky… if you still wanted to surprise someone with the gift of stunning antique French furniture but are unsure which collection they might prefer, we also have Gift Vouchers available in any value of your choosing. All the information is on our gift voucher page here, and as always for further updates be sure to follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.

Lots of stunning new seating…

Friday, October 14th, 2011
Charlotte Antique French Chair

Charlotte Antique French Chair

Our seating section this week here at Homes Direct 365 has had some really fantastic additions that are most definitely worth having a browse through. A lot of elegant and beautiful dining chairs, chaise longue’s, carver chairs, antique French bedroom chairs…there’s numerous varieties for all occasions and taste and there will continue to be some further additions in the upcoming week or so.

The quality of finish and craftsmanship on these chairs is truly of the highest standard, many hand carved from mahogany and hand finished with a light patina. Right down to the cotton fabric these chairs across every aspect are created to superb standard, and as the pictures suggest they bring class and style to any room in which they are placed. Highly recommended!

Stay tuned for further updates next week, and don’t forget to get involved with us on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube…Share your pictures, your thoughts, your favourite ranges, any suggestions you have, it’s always welcome!

Halloween Is Coming…

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Halloween Is Coming...

The leaves are wilting and turning that orange brown, the mornings colder and the dark nights drawing in earlier and earlier… the signs of Autumn and the rapid path to Christmas feels in full swing at this point. First stop on the way however is Halloween!

Historically linked to the old Celtic festival ‘Samuin’ meaning summer’s end, as much of a downer as the wind and cold and darkness can be for some, it’s really the perfect atmosphere for Halloween. John Carpenter’s Halloween always seemed to perfectly capture that vibe, streets filled with a combination of excitement, mischief, fun and a little fear of what lurks in the dark.

So for those of you having parties and entertaining and having fun with the time of year, why not indulge in something to show off to your guests. Some Victorian furniture with that hint of gothic in there seems a perfect range for Halloween, or perhaps you need some extra plates and chairs for all your guests! We have over 7,000 items so the potential is endless, make sure to take a look!

Lots of new Lounge additions!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Wood Top End Table

This week at Homes Direct 365 a lot of additions to the lounge sections (both antique and contemporary…but mainly contemporary!) has been ongoing and will continue to expand. Apparently the average Brit spends 25 hours a week watching TV, so it makes sense to make that living room/lounge environment as pleasing to the eyes as possible and a satisfying place to spend time relaxing in.

We have got lots of unique and interesting tempered glass units, end tables, coffee tables… as well as some stunning walnut and dark mahogany pieces that would really inject some style and life into a room. There’s over 300 items in there so there’s bound to be something that suits your taste and needs, and all at some really excellent low prices. Be sure to take a look!

Our Staff Pick Their Favourites!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Staff Favourites

This week to give a personal touch to the newsletter and give you a glimpse into some of the experienced opinions and thoughts of our staff, we’ve gathered together a brief sample of what each of their favourites are, and why it’s their favourite.

Dealing with the items on a daily basis and having to be versed in all styles of furniture to properly advise our customers, their word carries a little more weight to it than perhaps just a simple product description can. Many of us have various Homes Direct 365 furniture in our own homes, so we do truly stand by the passion we have for the items:

:: Michael ::
Favourite?: Bordeaux Collection
Why?: I love the intricate detailing on the Bordeaux, the bed especially… so much so I bought the BD4 (Bordeaux Double Bed) for my own bedroom at home.

:: Claire ::
Favourite?: RU8 (Romano Mirrored Console Table) / Mirrored Romano
Why?: I prefer a more contemporary and stylish feel. The Romano Mirrored Console table fits perfectly with the theme and feel of my other furniture.

:: Tanya ::
Favourite?: Mirrored Furniture / Victorian Collection
Why?: I think the Mirrored furniture oozes style and sophistication. I own an RU25 (Sorrento Mirrored Dressing Table) but if I had the room space I would absolutely get the RU8 (Romano Mirrored Console Table). I also really like the Victorian collection, and again would buy it if it would all fit into my room.

:: Kim ::
Favourite?: Paris Collection
Why?: I like that The Paris Collection is very elegant and understated in comparison to some of the more elaborate designs.

:: Sue ::
Favourite?: Victorian Collection
Why?: I live in a Victorian house and therefore think the style would be the perfect fit for my home.

:: Stuart ::
Favourite?: La Rochelle Black
Why?: The La Rochelle Black has a chique elegance to it, and I think the photo’s show the range off in a stylish way.

:: Lorraine ::
Favourite?: La Rochelle Silver
Why?: It has the perfect amount of ornate carvings combined with a modern feel. It’s a great combination of antique furniture meets hints of contemporary.

:: Debbie ::
Favourite?: Mirrored Romano / Victorian Collection
Why?: Victorian collection is a classic, traditional and on the verge of antique style but with modern touch. If I had a bigger bedroom I would buy the set.