October 2011


Gift Vouchers Reminder!

In the lead up to Christmas we just wanted to give little reminders here at Homes Direct 365 that we offer Gift Vouchers, in any value of your choosing. A perfect chance to give family or a friend the gift of long lasting hand carved furniture that they can cherish and show off in their home, but with the added bonus of allowing them to choose their own style.

Some tips when buying furniture…

Make note of the measurements of the furniture and measure the spot in your home where its intended for. This way you can be sure it will fit, it's surprising how many people don't measure the intended space before they buy or rely on an eye observation... this can save a lot of time and hassle in the long run.


In Stock For Christmas…

With 66 days until Christmas, it is perhaps a little to early for some to be planning for what to buy! But here at Homes Direct 365 when we pride ourselves on hand made furniture, with craftsmanship on our items that takes time and patience to carve and paint and finish...It's best to get in there early for Christmas orders!


Lots of stunning new seating…

Our seating section this week here at Homes Direct 365 has had some really fantastic additions that are most definitely worth having a browse through. A lot of elegant and beautiful dining chairs, chaise longue's, carver chairs, antique French bedroom chairs...there's numerous varieties for all occasions and taste and there will continue to be some further additions in the upcoming week or so.


Halloween Is Coming…

The leaves are wilting and turning that orange brown, the mornings colder and the dark nights drawing in earlier and earlier... the signs of Autumn and the rapid path to Christmas feels in full swing at this point. First stop on the way however is Halloween!

Lots of new Lounge additions!

This week at Homes Direct 365 a lot of additions to the lounge sections (both antique and contemporary…but mainly contemporary!) has been ongoing and will continue to expand. Apparently the average Brit spends 25 hours a week watching TV, so it makes sense to make that living room/lounge environment as pleasing to the eyes as possible and a satisfying place to spend time relaxing in. We have got lots of unique and interesting tempered glass units, end tables, coffee tables… as well as some stunning walnut and dark mahogany pieces... Read More