November 2011

Make The Perfect Christmas at HomesDirect365…

With tomorrow the 1st of December the frenzy to run around town for Christmas presents is going to reach its peak. But we at Homes Direct 365 as an online only retailer, this time of year is where the comfort and ease of online shopping is perfect to take away any burdens and queues and bring it back to what it's all about, creating that perfect Christmas for your family.

Another fantastic new range; Le Jardin Collection

With such great response to the Old Country collection we announced last week, it’s a perfect chance to keep the interest rolling forward in this rustic antique French style furniture with yet another fantastic new range just added to the website; Le Jardin Collection. As mentioned it follows along the similar sentiments of the Country Farmhouse and the Old Country ranges, subtle shades of colour offset against beautiful hand carved wood, with decorative flower paintings adding a very pleasant and personal touch to the overall look. The design itself exudes... Read More

A Look Behind The Scenes at Homes Direct 365

The process of producing our high quality hand made furniture is often described in words on a weekly basis here, or perhaps via telephone with one of our sales team, or even on our website in our terms and conditions and information, but we felt this week it would be of great benefit to fully show the process in more detail with some pictures to illustrate, give you a real grasp on what's going on behind the Homes Direct 365 curtain...


Stunning New Beds Coming Soon At Homes Direct 365

This week here at Homes Direct 365 we have added to the website some fantastic new beds. Expanding on existing designs from our La Rochelle and Rococo beds, these new beds feature ornate carving and detailing at the footboard corners with beautiful fabric headboards adding a subtle elegance to the overall charm of the beds. Hand crafted from mahogany like our other beds the highest quality is guaranteed, these beds are available in white, silver and gold leaf and will completely transform your bedroom.

Remembrance Day at Homes Direct 365

It’s 11/11/11 today, a rare calendar occurence and convenient release date but more importantly today is Remembrance Day. We at Homes Direct 365 will be observing 2 minute’s silence as the clocks strike 11am, a brief time for us all to reflect on not just lost life in war, but remembering everything that had to happen for you to appreciate you’re alive today, everyone that has lost a life to make yours better, the day to day struggles that we still endure today, those that aren’t with us anymore and... Read More

Some Wood Carving Additions!

This week there has been a new section added into the accessories here at Homes Direct 365, titled 'Wood Carvings'. Featured in there are some magnificent hand carved pieces made out of Suar Wood. Many of them are of the Buddha aka Siddhārtha Gautama, a spiritual teacher from the Indian subcontinent sometime around 500BC.


Bonfire Night at HomesDirect365…

Many of us this weekend will be enjoying bonfires and setting off fireworks in what is also known as Guy Fawkes Night...the remembrance and celebration of a derailed plot to blow up the King and Parliament over 400 years ago in 1605. The thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot was commemorated for many years afterwards by special sermons and other public events such as the ringing of church bells, which have evolved into the Bonfire Night of today.