January 2012

Some fantastic new mirror additions…

The addition of new items at Homes Direct 365 continues to increase this week, as we expand upon our decorative mirror sections and fill them out with some truly stunning ornate antique French mirrors. Perfect for giving a bit of brightness to a room, or create an illusion of more space in a small bedroom, or establish a theme with a decorative mirror as your focal piece.


New Items Added To The Victorian Collection…

This week one of our most popular ranges of furniture the Victorian Collection has had 4 fantastic new additions, really increasing the options for each individual to style their bedroom in a unique way. We've added a single 3 ft Victorian bed to the sizing options available, a beautiful cheval mirror that would truly bring a room to life with its large mirror, a 2 door hanging wardrobe similar to the existing 2 door wardrobe but with no drawers to allow for much more hanging space, and finally a 4 drawer chest increasing the size availability of Victorian chests.


Brand New Chandeliers at Homes Direct 365

It's been a busy week of new additions here at Homes Direct 365, with many fantastic and elegant new chandeliers in all shapes, colours and sizes being added into the mix. There's still plenty more to come as well, with lots more new items on their way. We will keep you updated as those come in, but for now we recommend taking a browse through all of the new chandeliers, many of which would add a breath taking focus piece to any hallway, dining room, bedroom...the possibilities are endless and it doesn't have to break the bank.

Rochelle Wiseman

Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturday’s recently ordered some of our furniture to give her place that antique French feeling, and was so impressed by the furniture she posted some great positive remarks on her Twitter page. We wanted to share that with you here on our blog as proof our quality is of the highest standard, and as a thank you to Rochelle for posting some kind words about us:


Mirror, Mirror: A Reflection On The History Of Mirrored Furniture

It's conceivable that for thousands of years long before the actual invention of a mirror our ancestors would have been gazing at their reflections in still pools of water, but to pin point the existence of an actual mirror we go back 2,400 years where it is believed the first mirror-makers lived near the city of Sidon in Syria. Glass itself was invented in neighbouring Lebanon so it makes sense the mirror would be nearby. Through a process of blowing a thin sphere of glass into a bubble and pouring hot lead into the bulb of the glass, once cooled it would coat the inside of the glass which could then be broken into pieces.

Our First New Range Of 2012…The Marrakech Collection

Last year we discontinued a silver leaf collection of furniture that had became very popular, and the last few items in stock left in our warehouse were flying out. The quality however wasn’t consistently the highest of what we would expect and want to give to our customers, so we decided to look for a better alternative that still contained the stunning embossed pattern effect and the silver leaf design style, and would have the same charm and unique quality to give it similar popularity. I believe with our first... Read More


A History Of French Furniture…Part I

With a New Year ahead of us, it feels like a great way to move forward is to first explain a little bit about where we're coming from. We span a vast amount of styles and time periods here at the Homes Direct 365 website. Browsing through our products you will see terms like rococo and baroque and Louis XV and many more scattered throughout and may wonder where these terms come from, what the history is, what the difference between them is..