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Thousands of Amazing Home Accessories at HomesDirect365…

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Home Accessories

In the south of France located near the commune of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, one of the most monumental human discoveries was made by accident. Air coming up from a small gap in the cliffs that surround this area suggested there were caves buried deep beneath large rocks that had fell in front many years ago.

When investigators went to check it out, they found to their amazement intricate and immensely detailed cave paintings and artwork. To their further astonishment the date of the paintings through carbon dating would be established as being roughly 32,000 years old… this Chauvet cave became one of the oldest discoveries by a long shot!

The point to this amazing find for us here at HomesDirect365 is what this speaks to us about the nature of how we decorate our home, how we put our stamp on the place that we settle down in, whether it be a cave or our modern houses. This sentiment is almost woven within us, that humans over 30,000 years ago had the same intentions to decorate, to be creative, to brighten up their home.

With thousands of accessories available and that selection increasing each week, the choices available to add your own decoration to your home is staggering. It really does make a difference to the ambiance of a room the decor choices you make, take a good browse through the many clocks, wall art, ornaments, treat yourself and choose some items that you feel will add the most to your home!

Summer Garden Furniture at HomesDirect365…

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Garden Furniture

Despite the North East where we are based being one of the wettest locations in Britain over this past month, we are still remaining optimistic the best of the summer weather is still to come and those gardens will get plenty more use, especially with the Olympics on its way. So with that in mind we’ve put together some of our most popular garden items for you to browse.

Many of these items are long lasting and durable and can be left all year round on your patios or gardens; treat yourself to a bench and give yourself a relaxing spot in your garden, purchase a table set and give a location to sit and enjoy some fresh air with friends, or browse our accessories collection and give some life to your landscape with birdbaths, planters and much more.

Also just a reminder to those who received the newsletter exclusive 10% discount code, there is still a few days left before that expires, so make sure to get your orders in before Thursday 28th June to take advantage of your saving! If you haven’t already signed up you can do so by adding your email address to the ‘Join Our Newsletter’ section on the bottom left of

In Stock Now!…Fantastic Dressing Tables

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Dressing Tables

As we begin transition from June to July the average amount of daylight is reaching its maximum peak at around 16 hours… With all this extra light flooding into your bedrooms we here at HomesDirect365 feel it’s a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some of the fantastic dressing tables we have in stock and awaiting immediate dispatch. Place it by the window and enjoy the extra sunshine, take time to enjoy your daily ritual of getting ready and looking your best.

With all of the dressing tables listed you can be guaranteed the highest of quality, both in terms of the paint finish and the hand carved curves and design features that make our dressing tables unique. With black, silver and antique white all available the limitations to fit within your existing decor are non existent, blending in or standing out, whichever you require. Be sure to take a close look, don’t hesitate to place an order as we mention again many of our dressing tables are in stock and ready to be dispatched ASAP.

In other news we also have some upcoming developments that will be of benefit to our newsletter subscribers. We want to begin giving the newsletter an exclusive feel and show appreciation for those that are interested in following us. Ideally we want to give you first chance access to new ranges, but also special savings and discounts tailored to newsletter only, and much much more. We’re excited to get this underway very soon so if you have any friends interested be sure to recommend they sign up to take advantage of the discounts!

Bordeaux Bedroom Collection at HomesDirect365…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Bordeaux Collection

The Bordeaux Collection featured here this week at HomesDirect365 is a perfect bedroom set for the summer months. Finished in a subtle ivory paint, the calm clean colour is a perfect base to add upon with your own personal decor choices and accessories. As you can see in the main bedroom shot here the pieces are accented with purple and violet, but this could as easily produce the same stunning results with a different colour scheme and the Bordeaux as the base.

Capturing the historic and picturesque qualities of one of France’s most popular architectural towns, the Bordeaux Collection is expertly hand crafted and carved from high quality mahogany. Both the attention to detail on the magnificent features and the overall caliber of the Bordeaux collection is of the highest order. The high resolution images really show off the beauty that resonates from furniture like this with artistic history, be sure to have a look!

Many thanks to those who came out for the Yorkshire Wedding Show this past Sunday, it was a pleasure to talk with all of you and have physical items that people can appreciate in person. Hopefully we will be appearing at more shows in the future so stay tuned for updates.