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Our Bespoke Service…

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Bespoke Service

For those of you perhaps unaware of the fantastic Bespoke service that we have available to our customers, now seems like a great chance to fully explain the vast opportunities available.

Using our own highly skilled craftsmen we can tailor to your creative and aesthetic needs…we can bring to life a design or creation you have and make that a reality; bringing a very personal touch to your furniture and home. One of the most impressive Bespoke items we saw came from a customers desire to have their initials carved into the footboard of a bed; the results were fantastic with such ornate detailing.

If your needs are more basic we can cover that as well, and although we do try to vary the colours available with our La Rochelle collection etc. we can’t have everything available in every colour. So if you really love a piece of furniture but want it a specific or different colour, that can be done no problem. Even altering the dimensions of a product if you need it to fit into a tight spot, everything has the potential for customisation. Just give us an email with your requirements, and we will be in touch with a quote! It’s that easy to get the ball rolling on creating your dream furniture.

Handmade Heaven

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Did you know that Homes Direct 365 produce their own hand crafted furniture ranges? If you want a piece that is unique, and oozes elegance for your home, then look no further than the La Rochelle and Romano ranges from Homes Direct.

Bespoke Handcrafted Furniture

Bespoke Handcrafted Furniture

Our pieces are designed with French eloquence and tradition, each hand crafted with love and care, which by todays standard is rare! Designer handmade furniture doesn’t just have to be for the super rich either, we have excellent, expertly made ranges to suit all budgets.

Check out the Homes Direct website today to find out more, or follow us on Twitter/become a fan of us on Facebook.

Be Unique!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

These days you go into somebody’s home and you seem to come across the same generic ‘flat pack’ furniture, and at Homes Direct we just don’t understand why…

At Homes Direct 365 we offer a fantastic, and almost unheard of service, of offering bespoke furniture design for your home! You couldn’t walk into many furniture shops and say “oh well I like that wardrobe, but I’d love it if it could be a bit different, an extra door  here, or an extra inch there, can you do that?” and hear the answer “yes you can!”. We can create variations of our own designs and furniture to meet your specific needs, requirements or styles!

Bespoke Wardrobe Design

Bespoke Wardrobe Design

As well as fashioning our furniture range to your unique fashion, we can also create pieces for you completely from scratch! So if you want your home, work place or wherever you want to be unique and stand out from the norm, then contact us today and we’ll tell you what we can do for you!