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How To Get The Shabby Chic Look Into Your Home

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

How to Get the Shabby Chic Look into your home

The term shabby chic is used to describe a style of interior design where furniture is distressed to give it a soft,
opulent and vintage styling. This look incorporates shabby chic furniture, soft furnishings and accessories to give
an aesthetic of old world charm but with a modern sensibility.

Whilst the shabby chic look can be easily adapted to suit any room in the house, as well as the garden, it is in the
bedroom that the style really comes into its own. Shabby chic bedroom furniture, linens and pastel colours can
really help to create a sanctuary of peace and relaxation, which is exactly what your bedroom should be.

Need a little help in creating this sumptuous look? Well read on and let our guide inspire you.

Start with key pieces of shabby chic bedroom furniture

Whether you are looking to update your bedroom with a few key pieces, or completely re-style your room,
choosing the right pieces of shabby chic bedroom furniture are key to achieving the overall desired look.

The term shabby chic bedroom furniture is used to describe pieces such as beds, wardrobes, bedside tables, chest
of drawers and vanity tables that have been skilfully distressed to resemble beautiful antique furniture. This
process usually involves multiple layers of paint with deliberately worn away areas to show different colour coats
underneath. High quality and often elaborate finishes are also applied to shabby chic bedroom furniture, such as
brass handles, mouldings, glazes and carvings. This provides a vintage and timeless look.

You certainly don’t need to overfill your room with too many pieces of shabby chic bedroom furniture, especially
if you are decorating a small bedroom, but keep the style of the furniture matching and work with a focal point,
such as a king size bed with a beautiful distressed headboard or an elegant armoire.

Keep the colour scheme simple

The range of shabby chic bedroom furniture you choose will help to inspire your overall colour scheme. Keep this
simple in order to let the beautiful pieces of furniture and finishes be your focal point. Whites, ecrus, bleached
and pastel colours with simple vintage floral patterns are most closely associated with the shabby chic aesthetic.
This helps to create a light, sophisticated and elegant space.

Finishing touches are important

Always try to complete your bedroom design with a couple of carefully chosen finishing touches. This might be a
soft pair of linen curtains, a floral bedspread, bedside lamp or decorative mirror to enhance the delicate beauty of
your pieces of shabby chic bedroom furniture.

Shabby chic doesn’t have to be expensive

The shabby chic look, however, really doesn’t need to break the bank. The aesthetic might look expensive, but
well crafted and stylishly distressed pieces of shabby chic bedroom furniture don’t need to cost the earth. Try
searching online for cheaper deals, spreading payments over 1 or 2 years or building your collection slowly.

In Stock Now! Beautiful Antique French TV Stands…

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

This week here at we wanted to showcase our stunning antique French TV stands, many of which are now fully stocked and awaiting immediate dispatch from our warehouse!

The television would have been an alien and unimaginable device back in the centuries where these antique French designs were first coming to fruition. The classic ornate curves, the carvings inspired by love and nature, the hand carved attention to detail, it’s all still here but serving a modern purpose now; displaying our television set.

It makes for an unusual but engaging juxtaposition, the beauty and elegance of classic design against the backdrop of modern appliances, but it works very well and has proven extremely popular. For those of you however who prefer a more modern contemporary TV stand, we also have numerous variations of those available and we would strongly recommend having a browse through the contemporary/modern lounge furniture sections for a better idea of what’s on offer in there!

Stunning HD Footage of our antique French La Rochelle Collection!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

We’ve uploaded some stunning HD footage of our La Rochelle Collection! A really intimate look at our most popular bedroom collection as a whole, and the gorgeous handcarved detailing that is signature to the La Rochelle Collection.

Inspired by classic rococo and baroque design with a hint of shabby chic decor, this video really captures what we love about our antique French furniture. Share it so your friends can see!

The video is available by clicking above on our YouTube page, and the bedroom furniture featured can be purchased from the following:

Buy A Bed…& Get Any Mattress Half Price!! Only At HomesDirect365…

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Buy A Bed...& Get Any Mattress Half Price!! Only At HomesDirect365...

As some of you may have already noticed appearing on the HomesDirect365 website, we are now very pleased to be offering a fantastic deal for those looking to purchase our antique French beds, or any bed for that matter!

Buy any bed, and you can now receive any mattress half price! This applies to all beds and mattresses currently on the website, and although the bundle deals featured on the website with the promotional image are of specific mattresses…if there’s one that you would prefer to purchase with your bed please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01642 455589 to see what we can do for you.

Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity while it’s available to treat yourself to an antique French decor makeover! You won’t be able to find handcrafted furniture of this caliber and quality cheaper elsewhere in the UK, and with this half price mattress opportunity you can make a huge saving! Rest peacefully on a high quality new bed & mattress in no time!

A Fresh Look At The Gorgeous La Rochelle Bedroom Collection…

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

We have recently had our very popular La Rochelle Bedroom collection re-photographed in high quality, allowing all of you to really take in the stunning handcrafted carvings, the tone of the antique white finish, and with the various full room shots you can really get a good idea of how the set looks and imagine the transformation the La Rochelle collection could do to your own bedroom.

Each of the images when on the individual product page will allow you to hover over and zoom right into the finer details. For years now the La Rochelle has continued to grow in popularity and demand and is one of our most talked about collections, therefore we hope with these new high resolution photographs we can aim to showcase the high quality of the La Rochelle to its fullest potential on our website. The full bedroom set in person is breath-taking and with these images we are close to capturing that!

Make sure you take a good look at the collection and new images by clicking the link below: