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Venetian Mirrored Furniture…

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Venetian Mirrored Furniture…

Light up your bedroom today!

The bedroom is the ultimate place to relax – a safe haven from the world where you can unwind and get a
true good night’s sleep. It’s important that it is dark at night but gets plenty of light in the mornings and
throughout the day, so if your bedroom is always a bit dark, consider investing in some mirrored bedroom
furniture to add a little extra light. Venetian mirrored furniture adds a contemporary feel to any room,
and it can also help to create a feeling of extra space in even the smallest of rooms or apartments.

As standard, mirrored furniture is Italian in its roots. However, in the 17th century, many of its
citizens left the country and migrated to France where the style began to gain popularity. Therefore
in keeping with this tradition we have out two distinct styles: Italian, and French.

Our Italian range is also broken down further into Rimini, Florence, and Romano due to the sheer
amount of styles coming from all these parts of Italy. This mirrored bedroom furniture range is the
ultimate choice for anybody who’s even the slightest bit interested in the light designs, and for
people who want to bring out, and accentuate the features their bedroom may already have.

Where to start?

It’s a good idea to start with just one or two small pieces of mirrored furniture and gradually add to it
from there,rather than instantly filling your whole home with mirrored pieces, which could be overwhelming!
A mirrored dresser in the bedroom and mirrored coffee table in the lounge can add style and brightness
without being too much.

View our full collection here and start lighting up your home right now!

Summer Antique French & Shabby Chic Furniture For Your Home!

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Get That Shabby Chic Or French Appeal

Make your home as welcoming as possible. This summer season we offer our take on the new warm trends to help you create your own warm, welcome and cosy space. Search our website to find plenty of inspiration and new ideas for a fresh start for summer 2015. Go ahead and create a home environment tailored to suit your individuality.

Antique French or shabby chic?… perhaps a bit of both… If you are looking for something unique for your home, then follow our short guide to
maximising specific styles in your home. From the elaborated ornately  detailed French furniture to the distressed and ‘worn our’ appeal of shabby
chic furniture, Homesdirect365 has everything you need!

When looking to start fresh in decorating your home, simplicity is the key. It may often be tempting to just fill your home with some of the most
extreme ornate pieces. Depending on whether you’re looking for a more traditional or contemporary style, it’s best to keep things simple. Focusing
primarily on the focal point, you can achieve a beautiful look by adding a bed, or dressing table to bring your bedroom to life. If you are looking to
avoid the larger pieces a furniture, a ornate mirror or accessories can achieve this effect just as nicely, giving you an idea if the French style is right
for you.

Now onto plain furniture, this is something that you have probably had to live with for many years of your life. Why not change that for furniture
that has a more distinctive style, and personality? You will change the feeling of the room by adding pieces that feel like they have a history.
Shabby chic bedroom furniture has character and adds interest with its lovely distressed detailing, something that can brighten up your room in
an instant. Another great thing about shabby chic is that it is elegant. The range of products currently available are vast and to a certain extent
endless with any style you require. From handcrafted styled furniture, made with distinctive detailing’s to the ‘old distressed’ effect.  When you are
looking for something that is of high quality, you want to be able to find it without having to scour antique shops far and wide. Most people just do
not have that kind of time, energy, or money.

At Homesdirect365, we provide everything from hand-carved antique French furniture to timeless shabby chic furniture. The beauty and durability
of this furniture will delight you and last for generations. One of the best features is that if you cannot afford to purchase all of the items that you
absolutely love, then you can make the choice to pay for all of these items over a course of 12 or 24 months. Why put up with your drab bedroom
when you can have a luxurious bedroom that will turn heads?

Indulgent And Intricate Rococo Style

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Indulgent And Intricate Rococo Style


There are few items that can truly transform your home, furniture than emanates style, class and ultimate beauty.
As one of our most popular and sought after ranges, the Rococo range is the ultimate in antique French furniture…
so why French…

Think of afternoons in the graceful streets of Paris. A leisurely stroll on the French Riviera as the sun gradually rises,
or a hot cafe’ au lait in a Parisian cafe whilst observing the great beauty of a sunset. No one lives as well as the French…

Art, romance, fine foods and wine. The French know how to live in style. Their sensibility emanates  from their homes
where they enjoy furnishings and decorative arts that span centuries of great art and style. So for the ultimate in antique
French and shabby chic furnishings, look no further than the Rococo collection.

Rococo design is not for those who favour the ‘less is more’ approach to interiors. With its riotous ruffles and frilly carving,
the 18th-century style is indulgent, intricate and gloriously over-the-top.
And almost three centuries after it first took
European high society by storm, the ornate look is making a return to our High Streets — from Antique French mirrors
to intricately hand carved furniture pieces. The Rococo style is a timeless and glamorous statement piece for any home!

If we look at history of Rococo styled furniture, the name ‘rococo’ is generally accepted as being a combination of the
French word ‘rocaille’ (meaning stone) and ‘coquilles’ (meaning shell) due to the reliance on these items as decorative motifs.
It may also be derived from the Italian word ‘barocco’ (meaning Baroque) as it is not dissimilar from the popular Baroque
style antique French furniture which preceded it. Characterised by delicate, curved outlines, rock and scallop shell decorations
and with asymmetrical details Rococo differs from Baroque which leaned more towards symmetrical details.

Rococo furniture is often seen as being in harmony with the excesses seen during the reign of Louis XV. During
this period furniture became more ornately decorated and extravagant with wood being painted, enamelled,
gilded and carved.

Whatever you’re historical preference, Homesdirect365 will have the perfect piece to suit everyone’s individual style.

For further information or advice simply give our highly trained sales team a call on 01642 455589

French Furniture Styles For This Summer!

Friday, June 19th, 2015

French Furniture Styles For This Summer!


Choosing the right style of furniture for your home this summer can be a challenge for many people. Do you
stick to what’s in fashion, opt for classic style, keep things contemporary or simply choose
something that suits your personal tastes? It’s a good idea to keep on top of the trends for seasonal interior
décor, as this can help to inspire you. With that in mind, here are four furniture styles that your
home needs this summer!

French furniture

Shabby chic or French furniture is really popular right now, from its femininity to its practical glamour. From pale
pastel bedframes to velvet padded headboards and ornate French dressers, this style of furniture
is the ultimate way to brighten your home (although you might want to check what the man in
your life thinks first!) Investing in antique French furniture can be expensive, but luckily there are
companies selling stunning high-quality French-style furniture which looks the part and costs a
fraction of the price. Start gradually and add just a couple of pieces to your home before going all out,
to avoid looking like you’ve overdone it!

Minimalist chic

When we think of minimalist, we think of dark wood, cool metal, contemporary materials such as
chrome, plastic and glass. This ultra-modern style of contemporary furniture definitely isn’t at home in your
average Victorian semi; save it for urban studio apartments or sprawling converted warehouses
looking for a clean, sleek style and look. #toptip A word of warning though; if you have a lot of belongings,
minimalist chic style furniture won’t work for you!

Regency glamour

Regency style furniture has always been popular amongst the wealthy, but it’s starting to make a
comeback in the average home too this year. If you own a period property with traditional
features such as high ceilings and cornices, regency furniture can add a touch of glamour. Again,
don’t overdo it here. Nobody wants to come into a room piled high with furniture – a simple
Regency0-style chair or sofa can make a real style statement and add the exact style you are trying to achieve.

Reclaimed and recycled

Reclaimed furniture is hot right now! This doesn’t mean that every single item in your local salvage
yard has a future  in your home! But reclaimed pieces can be found in
all sorts of surprising locations! From coffee tables made out of recycled wooden pallets, vintage
typsetter drawers to industrial style pieces, you’ll always ensure your furniture is unique if you buy
reclaimed and recycled pieces and give them a new lease of life.


So whatever style you are aiming for, bear in mind the above and brighten up your
home this summer, with us at homesdirect365, specialist providers of antique French
furniture and shabby chic furniture..

For more information, give our expert sales team a call on 01642 455589 and see what
offers we can give you right now!




The Finest Of French Furniture – Homesdirect365

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

The Finest Of French Furniture – Homesdirect365


French Furniture; whether you’re looking to update a few key elements or designing a complete
makeover, what better way is there to add a touch of elegance and romance into your sanctuary,
the bedroom, than with exquisite French furniture? Surely when you think of the ultimate luxury
in bedroom design, the rounded edges and delicate craftsmanship of French bedroom furniture is
the first thing that springs to mind. It can work in a variety of  bedrooms, so why not treat
yourself to some exquisite French chic.

Antique French furniture is all about the fine details. From sumptuous curves, refined handles,
intricate carving and beading, detailed edging and relief, mirrored surfaces and sophisticated
materials. Easily working in a variety of settings and styles, French bedroom furniture is perfect
for a boudoir look that instantly reflects your personality.

It’s easy to see why the French shabby chic charm is incredibly popular at the moment, but the
graceful elegance of French furniture is also utterly timeless, so you can be sure of a design
which will grow with you over many generations.

At Homesdirect365 we provide everything you could possibly need to decorate your home with.
Once you have found the perfect statement pieces of French bedroom furniture, such as the
grand double bed, you could add to that a stunning dressing table or bedside cabinet and then
finish off your French inspired design with smaller decadent pieces such as a free standing
mirror, screen or chandelier. Our ranges leave you free to choose your colour, from the classic
antique white, to gold or stylish mahogany, all made from the very finest hand crafted wood.
Our bespoke services put you firmly in control, so there is no room shape too awkward or request
too unique for our team. Don’t let the bedroom be the last room on your design list or a place of
unloved or mismatched furniture.

Instead, treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury and style with our impeccable ranges of French
bedroom furniture and bring a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your home.

Exclusively available online from right now!