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De-Stress with Houseplants

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Some house decorations can feel like unnecessary clutter. Houseplants are a great, functional
way of decorating empty corners. Well-placed greenery can brighten a space and purify air
leaving you feeling more relaxed and restful.

Spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and anxiety, but being out of doors isn’t always
an option when the weather is cold and rainy. So, we’ve compiled a short list of five
houseplants that we think will help you de-stress and purify the air in your home.


  1. English Ivy is considered one of the best air-filtering houseplants and can be very
    effective at absorbing formaldehyde, which is a very (and alarmingly) common pollutant
    within the home.


  1. Rubber Tree plants are great for cleaning air and it’s very easy to grow. It requires
    very little maintenance and is a powerful toxin eliminator.


  1. Philodendron is also easy to care for and can grow beautiful, decorative vines. Also
    good at absorbing formaldehyde, these plants can last for many years with some water
    and sunlight.


  1. Red-Edged Dracaena is a unique plant that can eventually grow to reach the ceiling
    if cared for properly. It removes toxins such as xylene, formaldehyde and


  1. Golden Pothos looks great in your kitchen or hanging outside on the patio. The vines
    are simple and decorative for just the right amount of interior décor.

You don’t need to go hiking to get the benefits of the great outdoors – instead you can add
some of these simple houseplants to your home. They will provide peace and serenity while de-
stressing you from a hard day at the office. Curl up with a good book and a cup of tea beneath a
hanging Golden Pothos, or watch as your Red-Edged Dracaena grows with a little tenderness,
love, water and sunlight.


Any of these plants will be the perfect addition to a shabby chic bedroom or a French furniture-
inspired kitchen.


5 Shabby Chic Headboards You Have to Have

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

When decorating your bedroom in shabby chic style, the headboard may just be the most
important piece you choose. Every piece, together, makes up the entire space but this item is
often the focal point, so you’ll want to get it just right.

You can then continue to build upon the design to achieve an eclectic but cohesive vibe. With
the right headboard and a few other great pieces of furniture, you can continue to gather and
add elements to the room, perhaps even over the course of many years.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 beautifully unique shabby chic headboards to give you the inspiration
you need to design your bedroom.

1. Old fence. This is something you can create yourself. Find old fence panels and either
paint them a pastel colour you love or leave them in their natural, distressed state. You
can add some sconces or hanging lamps to the sides for complementary lighting.

2. Ribbons. Here is another DIY headboard – simply buy ribbons in shabby chic styles such
as florals or pastel,s and hang them from the ceiling or the wall above your bed. This is a
very simple and cost-effective solution and also gives you the freedom to change the
space at any time.

3. Our La Rochelle Antique French Style Bed. This bed is made in a beautiful shade of ivory
with ornate carvings. If you’d like to quickly and easily find a headboard to make your
bedroom stylish and shabby chic (and DIY is nowhere in your future), this is the perfect
choice. It will make anyone feel like royalty.

4. Pin tucked or tufted headboard. This headboard will instantly warm up your space due
to the plushness and texture of the fabric. Choose any colour you like – but a good tip to
keep in mind is that a dark or light grey will pair well with any shabby chic pastels you
want to incorporate.

5. Window shutters. Another repurposed piece, window shutters, or an old, rustic door
can be hung behind your bed for a simple but lovely headboard in a shabby chic

Shabby chic style in the bedroom often depends on a great headboard to tie it all together.
Select your choice of headboard and the rest can fall into place around it, helping you
determine your design basis for the room.

Important Elements of Shabby Chic Design

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Shabby chic isn’t always frills and lace. It’s a combination of comfort and the charms of eclectic
imperfection. The shabby chic design has become one of the most popular styles with its
weathered woods, pastel shades and ivory white furniture.

In most spaces that display shabby chic styles, we’ll see soft pastels such as pinks, whites,
greyish blues and florals. These tones will immediately transform your space from drab to chic.
Your large pieces of furniture should include weathered pieces, cast iron or antique-style
chandeliers, stools and lamps, and other classic pieces such as farmhouse tables. So when
designing your shabby chic palace, keep these elements in mind.

  • 1. Eclectic plates and other collectibles. Shabby chic decorating is convenient for everyday
    use. You don’t need a matching set of dishes. It’s all about eclectic dinnerware, teacups
    and vintage touches throughout – and these you can often find at a bargain.


  • 2. Farm-style and pastels. Go minimalist with your shabby chic design. White-washed
    furniture can be used as a clean palette to spice up the area. A farm table and chairs
    immediately bring a rustic feel along with those shabby chic pastels in the linens, wall
    colour and furnishings.


  • 3. Cottage-style and lace. Sometimes shabby chic is all about the fabric. Incorporating
    lace, crochet and linen is perfect for a cottage-style abode. Add florals, vintage rugs and
    frilly pillows for some final touches. Keep the balance of grey and other pastels. Choose
    a colour palette with two neutrals such as pebble and crisp white and a pop of colour
    like mint or sea foam green.


  • 4. White furnishings. White furniture is always acceptable when it comes to shabby chic.
    Choose creams and ivory for a more relaxed feel.

Going vintage, going fun, going assorted, free, creative and classy are all a part of what helps
that shabby chic look work so well for the home. So mix it up, channel your interior design
muse, and take inspiration from Homesdirect365 to make your home a better place to be!

Your Very Own Shabby Chic She-Shed

Thursday, April 14th, 2016


Just as men can have their own “Man Cave”, women have created their equivalent with the
“she-shed”. The she-shed is designed to give the woman of the house a place of her own, and
there are many stunning examples of how a little imagination (and no little conviction) can help
create a wonderful new garden feature.

You might use it as a summer retreat, where you can get lost in a good book, or perhaps as a
greenhouse for growing fruits and flowers all year round. Shabby chic she-sheds in particular
can lift an entire garden, they give us the opportunity to get really creative, providing an
attractive space for relaxing activities and pastimes.

To create that serene shabby chic space, consider these ideas and tips and you’ll soon be able
to have the perfect place for your well-deserved alone time.

1. Take ownership the garden shed or build a new one. This is the perfect opportunity to
clean out that cluttered shed. Rather than allow it to be a graveyard for unused tools
and furniture, go through it all, be prepared to throw a lot of junk out, and create a
space you can really make use of.

2. Give it a fresh coat of paint. After the rain, snow and sunshine, your garden shed could
probably use a fresh coat of paint. For that shabby chic vibe, go with a cornflower blue,
rose pink, mint green or buttercup yellow. These are perfect colours for the garden and
will instantly turn your she-shed into a shabby chic paradise. For extra points, go ahead
and weather the wood using sandpaper.

3. Define the purpose of your she-shed. The whole point of this garden shed is to create a
quiet space for yourself, whether it’s to embrace a hobby, or to use it as a much-needed
retreat. Turn it into a craft space, a gardening interior or add a big, comfy chair and floor
lamp for a nice reading nook.

4. Antique finds. Give your space some personality. Rather than hunting around for costly
antiques, we have what you are looking for to complete your she-shed, from shabby
chic sofas to display cabinets.

5. Surround yourself with nature. Nothing says shabby chic like wildflowers. Fragrant,
colourful flowers, such as wild carrot, masterwort, and nigella make for a gorgeous mix.

6. Make sure it reflects your personality. Add those special finishing touches that reflect
you are. Make it your own with family photos, paintings, books and crockery – whatever
is true to you.

A space to call your own might be just the ticket. Take that old garden shed and give it a shabby
chic design makeover. Slap on a fresh coat of paint, add some personal touches and you’ve got
yourself your very own she-shed!

The Modern Shabby Chic Design

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Typically, shabby chic design is all about antique furniture and vintage collectibles and an
overall eclectic vibe. But with the right tips and design ideas, you can keep your modern style
while adding some shabby chic into the mix. The great part about the shabby chic style is that
it’s endlessly flexible and leaves you open to more design ideas.

A new area of shabby chic interior decorating integrates modern elements with distressed
pieces. It can often soften the appearance of modern architecture, which can be cold. Here are
5 ways to take your modern home and add some shabby chic-ness.

1. Keep it warm and white. White is very popular when it comes to modern design and
architecture. Keep it simple with a warm shade of white for paint and fabrics. Add
pillows of check or stripes for that geometric, modern style but with a touch of French

2. Add grey. Grey has become the go-to neutral for many styles. If your home has a lot of
dark colours, adding fog or pebble grey can brighten it up. Light grey paired with rose
pink, buttercup yellow or gold will keep your spaces modern and simple while adding
subtle shabby chic touches.

3. Add natural elements. Nature provides the best accessories when it comes to shabby
chic. Shells, ocean glass, acorns, pinecones or succulent plants are shabby chic but blend
well with modern décor. With these pieces, you can add texture and shading and most
of it you can find for a bargain.

4. Pick a tartan. Tartan patterns are very popular when it comes to shabby chic, French
Country design. The pattern can help balance overstuffed cushions, lace and feminine

5. Integrate clean lines with distressed pieces. Comfortable ottomans and oversized
chairs are inviting but they also help balance the appearance of weathered furniture and
other hard furnishings. For something a little more modern, add some furniture with
clean, hard lines.

Shabby chic doesn’t have to be all about vintage finds or distressed furniture. You can easily
incorporate its elements into your modern home by simply creating an accent wall with mint
green, by freshening things up elsewhere with light greys and other soft tones, or by using clean
lines with weathered pieces. Whatever your preference, we at Homesdirect365 have what you
are looking for.