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The Colours Of French Country Design | HomesDirect 365

Friday, November 20th, 2015

The Colours Of French Country Design | HomesDirect 365

When decorating your home in the French country style, it’s best if you choose paint colours
that will most authentically represent this design. French country can be anything from flag-
inspired to seaside colours, themes or neutrals. Depending on your personal style and which
French country look you are trying to achieve, each of these colour palettes offer something

For a design that is pulled from the colours of the French flag, you will use red, white and blue.
But don’t go for bold, choose subtle hues such as aqua, lavender, cornflower, midnight blue or
blue grey. For reds you’ll want something similar to cherry, pomegranate, strawberry, peach,
raspberry or tomato. And for white, just anything soft and antique looking such as milky, ivory,
cream, light grey, stone or taupe.

When you’re ready to paint and transform your space, keep the upper part of the wall in
shades of grey or white, with natural-looking woodwork and details white or light cream. When
painting the lower part of the wall, use a greyish red or a discoloured chalky blue that is darker
than the upper section.

This look usually looks best when one colour dominates against a white or grey wall. Decide on
a red or blue for the dominant colour. After choosing your dominant colour, use different
shades and hues to create more depth.

For a seaside/shabby chic look you’ll want to use hues of greens and blue. Keep to natural
woods with these colours to add some warmth if you wish. For a cool look, leave out the wood
and paint the surfaces and walls white instead.

These colours will pair well with brick, terracotta, cement and natural wood. Use lots of antique
white-coloured items and linen and lace.

Contemporary French country decorating is all about neutrals. Walls are usually left unpainted
and combined with linen, cotton and twill in solid colours. With this look you can include more
patterned fabrics such as checks and stripes in French country colours. Throw in some Louis
chairs, they work well with this contemporary style.

There are many different designs of French country and you can choose from our range of
French inspired furniture to style your home. Choose from our natural wood bedroom
or for a more shabby chic approach, our white and ivory furnishings will do the trick.

Grand Shabby Chic for Small Spaces | HomesDirect 365

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Tiny spaces, grand shabby chic style
Be bold and live modestly. Small living spaces used to be for the poor. A Rococo era French aristocrat
would never have dreamt of decking out the butler’s house in frilly fancy gold. The times have changed
though, small spaces and eco living are all the rage. Adding a splash of chic with a touch of rustic is a
recipe for small living success. A grandiose mirror can open up even the smallest space. It’s all about
living big but leaving a small footprint. How do you do it? Here are some little recommendations to
inspire big ideas.

Keep those tighty whities washed and varnished

White is bright, and bright feels big in a small space. White is also a neutral tone, go monochromatic and
keep your living spaces in line with a single, pleasing colour scheme. Set yourself up for a year round
mood that’s inviting and easy on the eye. Antique and use rustic furniture to give your house just the
right about of shabby to balance out the white chic.

Artful reflections

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most environmentally friendly of them all? Leave a smaller
footprint and make a bigger statement. Shabby chic is all about recycling and repurposing old furniture
to create a new style that’s on trend. Create the illusion of space with a chic mirror to adorn your
bedroom wall. By reflecting light into dark corners you’ll open up the room.


Small spaces with many things makes for smaller spaces that feel cluttered. Run what you can over to
the charity shop – when you live small, less is more. Buy a book on Zen decorating and create your own
design fusion; Japanese simplicity meets French fancy frills.
Live small, decorate big. Keep small spaces light and bright. Break the mold with Shabby chic to create a
style that has a lot to say about its environment.

Beautiful Shabby Chic on a Budget | HomesDirect 365

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Budget décor doesn’t have to be shabby. Create sophistication with a little money and
a lot of creativity. Repurpose and recycle, that’s the shabby chic moto.

Chic on a shabby budget

Budget décor doesn’t have to be shabby. Create chic sophistication with a little money and a lot of
creativity. Repurpose and recycle, that’s the shabby chic moto. In the early 1980’s rebellious designers
rediscovered their ancestral estate homes. Much of the furniture was scruffy from years of neglect.
These radical designers left the cobwebs, but set shabby center stage. The Rococo style took on a new

Take a look around the house, check under the sofa, out in the garage – surely there’s some junk lying
around just asking to be repurposed. Breathe new life into old scrap – be creative. Here are a few ideas
to transform shabby into a chic sensation.

A playful pallet paradise

Recycling chit chat starts at pallet level. Pallets are perhaps the most versatile blocks of wood in the
world, they’re cheap and you can do nearly anything with them. Hang them on a wall to create a vertical
garden. Sand, paint, antique and hang on your wall for a nick knack holder. A watering can here, clock
there – anything goes. Break the wooden beams and frame yourself a shabby wooden wall. Coffee table,
bed frame, bench, swing. Pallets – the stubby wooden wonders of the recycling world.

Tin cans, watering cans, glass jars and papier mache

Store cupboard weekday meals save time; save the parts for a chic way to adorn your dining room table.
Bring the kids along for a trip to your local stationary, buy some golden ribbons and a bunch of paper
mache. Wash the sauce jar, wrap your ribbon around it – put a candle inside and voila! – stunning dinner
décor. Use glue and the papier mache to create a colorful little vase. Make a series in different colours.
A little touch can have a big impact.
Shabby chic is about transformation. Use your imagination to turn your junk into something special.

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Time To Get Cosy!

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Time To Get Cosy!

As we are imminently approaching the long cold winter nights, it’s time to get cosy! It’s that time
of year when our inner body clocks tell us its time to start winding down on these dark, dark nights.
So get battening the hatches and stocking logs for the wood fire burner. With a few of our simple
bedroom ideas, we can help you create the ultimate cosy room!

Embrace the desire to choose warming colours and don’t be afraid to push for darker colours such
as a deep purple. Featured below we have a lovely room shot of our prominent La Rochelle collection,
finished in silver.

To help create a beautiful ambiance, and calming mood be sure to focus on the lighting elements.
If you are after a more tranquil lighting then be sure to look at adding small wall light. Our vast
variety of French and shabby chic lights will astound.

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Spruce Up Your Home

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Spruce Up Your Home
Keeping track of today’s latest furniture trends can be rather challenging at the best of times!
Whether you are kept busy with modern day errands or answering a constant influx of emails,
your home can often fall victim to the dull clutter that many home owners suffer way to often!

So why not follow a few of our simple hints and tips to help brighten and spruce up your home.

Lighten up any room by trading heavy fabrics for light and airy ones. In the bedroom, for
example, take down your old drapes and replace them with an open weave such as chiffon or
organza. Change out dark duvet covers and pillows by adding crisp white or a lighter softer
colour. This simple and easy tip can help transform your room in an instant. For a more
ornate and luxurious appeal, why not try adding a touch of antique French or shabby chic


Just like little squirrels, we hunker down and store our goods during the winter. But come
summer, your home can get cluttered with knickknacks, heavy blankets and bulky furniture.
Put some of it away in storage. Larger, clutter-free spaces create the impression of a bigger
house. For some fantastic storage inspirations, take a look at our extensive range of storage
and trunks: or our French style blanket boxes:

Strategic placement of a mirror or mirrored furniture can add an enormous amount of natural
light in your home. If possible, hang a large mirror in the living room or bedroom directly where
the sun beams in. In addition to bouncing light, it creates virtual space and overall appeal to
a small room.



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