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Light Up Your Life – Venetian Mirrored Furniture

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Light Up Your Life – Venetian Mirrored Furniture

Is your house currently not getting much light? or perhaps it could do with a brighter fresher look?
Well at homesdirect365 we specialise in mirrored furniture, perfect for brightening up any room
in your wonderful home.

Originally attributed to the Venetians who were among, if not the first, to successfully combine glass
work into furniture, Venetian mirrored furniture was highly popular thanks to it effortless ability to
promote affluence and grandeur where ever it was used. Venetian creativity and ingenuity would produce
fantastic pieces encompassing floral etching and unique patterns all heavily influenced by the art-deco
movement the basis of which would continue to be worked on and with into modern times, giving us
today the lovely furniture that we have on offer.

The impact of those first advances into designing and experimenting with glass in furniture has lasted
centuries, and this durability and longevity in popularity is the key to what still makes it one of our most
sought after ranges. Be sure to treat yourself to at least taking a closer look at some mirrored furniture,
even one piece is enough to transform a room enhancing the feeling of more space and elegance

There are plenty of ways to bring more light into your home and make the most of the light you do have –
one of the best ways is by using mirrors and Venetian furniture.

The bedroom, predominantly, is a place to relax, a safe haven from the world where you can unwind and get
a good night’s sleep. This is why it’s important to get enough dark when sleeping, however, plenty of light for the early
mornings and day. Perhaps consider investing in some mirrored bedroom furniture to add a little extra light. Mirrored
furniture adds a contemporary feel to any room, and it can also help to create a feeling of extra space in
small rooms or apartments.

Giving the appearance of a much brighter and lighter room, our range of Venetian furniture can transform any room in an instant,
with an array of items such as sideboards, console tables, mirrors and much more, homesdirect365 is the perfect place to
brighten up any room in your home!

For more information on our full range of mirrored furniture, please give our expert sales team a call on 01642 455589 and will will
be more than happy to help!



The Perfect Furniture Styles This Spring

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

The Perfect Furniture Styles This Spring

What is the perfect way to brighten up your home this season? With Spring into full flow how about
updating your house and creating the elegant and stylish bedroom you have always dreamed of.

Choosing the right style of furniture for your home can be a challenge for many people. Do you
stick to what’s currently in fashion, opt for classic style, give things a more modern & contemporary feel
or simply choose something that suits your personal tastes? It’s a good idea to keep on top of the trends
for interior décor, as this can help inspire you. With that in mind, here are some furniture styles that your
home needs this Spring!

Shabby chic or French furniture is really popular and in style right now – with its ornate detailing’s and
distressed ‘aged’ effect, whats not to like? From pale pastel bed frames to luxurious padded headboards and
ornate French dressers, this style of furniture is the ultimate way to brighten your home (although you might
want to check what the man in your life thinks first!) Investing in antique French furniture can be expensive,
but luckily there are companies selling stunning high-quality French-style furniture which looks the part
and costs a fraction of the price. Start gradually and add just a couple of pieces to your home before
going all out, to avoid looking like you’ve overdone it!

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

When you think of antique French bedroom furniture, you usually imagine a large bed with embellished headboard and a
feminine, curved bedside or dressing table. But contemporary French bedroom furniture is much more than those classic
staples. Our range includes wardrobes, console tables, blanket boxes, bedside tables, chests, screens, mirrors,
mannequins and everything else you could possible dream of to create a highly coordinated and practical range of
storage and living solutions. In fact, one of the most important ways to keep your design fresh is to keep your
room uncluttered and spacious… this is easy to achieve with so many French bedroom furniture options and variations.

So French bedroom furniture  is as practical as it is stylish. The elegant and timeless designs will shine through in
high quality, finely crafted pieces of furniture, so you never have to worry about your beautiful bedroom looking
tired or out of date.

Looking for the perfect new bedroom Spring? Well choose French bedroom furniture to
inspire your new room, now and for many years to come.


Get That Shabby Chic Or French Appeal

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Get That Shabby Chic Or French Appeal


Antique French or shabby chic?… perhaps a bit of both… If you are looking for something unique for your home, then follow our short guide to
maximising specific styles in your home. From the elaborated ornately  detailed French furniture to the distressed and ‘worn our’ appeal of shabby
chic furniture, Homesdirect365 has everything you need!

When looking to start fresh in decorating your home, simplicity is the key. It may often be tempting to just fill your home with some of the most
extreme ornate pieces. Depending on whether you’re looking for a more traditional or contemporary style, it’s best to keep things simple. Focusing
primarily on the focal point, you can achieve a beautiful look by adding a bed, or dressing table to bring your bedroom to life. If you are looking to
avoid the larger pieces a furniture, a ornate mirror or accessories can achieve this effect just as nicely, giving you an idea if the French style is right
for you.

Now onto plain furniture, this is something that you have probably had to live with for many years of your life. Why not change that for furniture
that has a more distinctive style, and personality? You will change the feeling of the room by adding pieces that feel like they have a history.
Shabby chic bedroom furniture has character and adds interest with its lovely distressed detailing, something that can brighten up your room in
an instant. Another great thing about shabby chic is that it is elegant. The range of products currently available are vast and to a certain extent
endless with any style you require. From handcrafted styled furniture, made with distinctive detailing’s to the ‘old distressed’ effect.  When you are
looking for something that is of high quality, you want to be able to find it without having to scour antique shops far and wide. Most people just do
not have that kind of time, energy, or money.

At Homesdirect365, we provide everything from hand-carved antique French furniture to timeless shabby chic furniture. The beauty and durability
of this furniture will delight you and last for generations. One of the best features is that if you cannot afford to purchase all of the items that you
absolutely love, then you can make the choice to pay for all of these items over a course of 12 or 24 months. Why put up with your drab bedroom
when you can have a luxurious bedroom that will turn heads?




Antique French Furniture

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015


Wonderful antique French interiors are a fusion of historic style with the beauty of naturally simple yet ornate designs.
The main feature of these style furnishings, which can also be classed as shabby chic is the use of natural materials.
Simple furniture with ‘aged’ or natural effect and a touch of antique style. The general misconception of this kind of furniture
is that it is only suitable for a historic or country house, and would not fit into the more modernised town house or urban
apartment space.

However, The right combination of products can help to bring together themes of beauty and elegance in any home!

Natural objects combined with linen textiles can make any home warm and welcoming –
you just need to find the perfect balance. There are a few ways of creating a welcoming layout. Rough wooden furniture
pieces can be “softened” by adding or surrounding them with decorative accessories – exquisite indoor ornaments
and lights can provide a perfect balance. If you find the interior too soft and elegant you can go for a more shabby chic approach,
items that feature a strong distressed effect can be excellent choices.

Developing styles as mentioned above across an interior that ties your design tastes together can work wonders in your home,
providing a welcoming and cherished household. With each piece made up of only the finest and highest quality materials,
you can trust Homesdirect 365 to provide the best in French style Furniture.

You can take your pick from our La Rochelle collection or our Montpellier Collection or even our Paris Collection, the choice is yours.
Homes Direct 365 specialise in antique French and shabby chic design, providing you with everything you need to add style,
class and elegance to your home.

Mirrored Furniture

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Mirrored Furniture

Rooms which face north are always a challenge to refurbish, as they get very little or sometimes no
sunlight whatsoever. Any natural light which does enter is often cold too. To alleviate this as best
you can, it’s best to avoid decorating with cold colours such as grey, and stick to warmer tones such
as yellow shades, or neutral creams. If you are pursuing more colour, then try darker and warmer
tones like purple for example.


The room or window size can affect the temperature too. Whites, off-whites and creamy neutrals
are available in many shades, so there is one for every example of room.

Any room can be completed to feel brighter just by painting the ceiling white so it mirrors light
instead of absorbing it. The tricky thing with some pure brilliant white emulsions is that they’re really
creamy off-white, which is not what you imagine, or need, from a product called “pure brilliant
white”. Make sure you invest in a reliable brand which can produce proper whites.

Colouring the walls and ceiling white can go a lengthy way to making a room feel lighter, but paint is
just a small part of it. One of the best ways to brighten up a kitchen is with pale, preferably white,
high-gloss unit doors, as these rebound light around the area. Glossed entrances are a decent way to
update the room and doesn’t have to be lavish.

You should also capitalise on some mirrored furniture and mirrors for the walls – mount one
opposite the window to take full advantage of the light and make the room seem larger. Mirrored
furniture will also echo light back into the room better than anything else so keep it in mind, and add
mirrors anywhere you can, especially in dimmer rooms which may have less significant windows.

Don’t forget the floor either. White painted floorings, or shiny white floor tiles in kitchens and
bathrooms, will help to jump light around.

Switching, expanding or adding windows can make a vast change but it’s a costly and disrupting
answer to the problem, and planning permission can restrict what you do. It’s more realistic an idea
to swap curtains for efficient roller blinds which also let more light in.

A drastic answer is to take away a wall. Colliding two rooms into one gives the subsequent room
additional windows and it may then profit from sunlight for most of the day if it’s now both east and
west facing.