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Shabby chic bedroom furniture collection 29/11/2016

A Mixed-Up Shabby Chic World

If you are someone who likes to mix styles, a foundation of shabby chic furniture can work wonders from the start. From there you can bust out while following a few rules that will keep everything in balance. We have the perfect essential building blocks to create a decor that is all your own. Watch the scale Think of the room as a scale on which you’re balancing items of different sizes – you don’t want anything to tilt the room too heavily to one side. A small or delicate... Read More

La Rochelle Antique French Style Monks Bench 25/11/2016

Filling in the Gap With Shabby Chic

Homes must walk a fragile line between clutter and barren space. Finding equilibrium can mean all the difference between comfort and an overly busy home. Managing open space takes a perceptive eye when browsing furniture catalogues. To help with the procurement process we’ve put together a list of shabby chic pieces that’ll make the best use of open spaces without sacrificing comfort. Bergere Antique French Style Cabinet Accompanied by a TV or not, this Bergere antique french style cabinet is perfect for filling the space. An excess of room doesn’t... Read More

logo2 24/11/2016

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Our La Rochelle french bedroom furniture collection is perfect for anyone who is looking for a designer bedroom furniture set, if you want to check out our full range please visit: Homesdirect365 are an online only retailer specialising in antique French furniture, shabby chic furniture, mirrored furniture & french bedroom furniture available for all rooms of the home from bathroom vanity units to decorative mirrors to gorgeous bedroom sets. We have a constantly increasing variety of over 10,000 beautiful furniture and home accessories.

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A Tour Through HomesDirect365 Highlights

We recently launched our new website to better feature some of our most popular collections, such as French furniture and its dear sibling shabby chic. Let’s stroll past a few of the beautiful items currently in our galleries. Maison Antique French Style Chaise This is the definition of elegant simplicity. The natural linen upholstery and gently weathered wood frame allow this little loveseat from our shabby chic furniture collection to blend into an existing decor, while the subtle curves give it flair. Click here to learn more and order the... Read More

new blog 11/08/2016

Shabby Chic Furniture for Any Room – Chest of Drawers

Get back from a long day’s work, throw your bag in under the coat rack – there’s a bunch of stuff in your pockets, what are you going to do with it? Dump it in the top drawer of the chest of drawers you keep in the hallway for just this need. A quick deposit of stuff you’ll get to sorting later, like those batteries that need to be taken to the office for recycling. The other reason you keep a chest of drawers in the hall is because it... Read More


Sophia: The Ultimate Shabby Chic Collection

If you love the look of shabby chic furniture, you’ll love the Sophia Collection. It provides the perfect foundation for a total room makeover. Elements in this collection have strong but clean lines. The heavy frames are offset by classic brushed steel in the drawer pulls and other fixtures. Let’s start with the dressing table. We are constantly being told we need to adopt mindfulness practices or meditation or some such other thing that is bound to take up time in a busy day. It’s a noble goal, so what... Read More

De-Stress with Houseplants

Some house decorations can feel like unnecessary clutter. Houseplants are a great, functional way of decorating empty corners. Well-placed greenery can brighten a space and purify air leaving you feeling more relaxed and restful. Spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and anxiety, but being out of doors isn’t always an option when the weather is cold and rainy. So, we’ve compiled a short list of five houseplants that we think will help you de-stress and purify the air in your home.   English Ivy is considered one of the... Read More