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Make The Perfect Christmas at HomesDirect365…

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Christmas at HomesDirect365

With tomorrow the 1st of December the frenzy to run around town for Christmas presents is going to reach its peak. But we at Homes Direct 365 as an online only retailer, this time of year is where the comfort and ease of online shopping is perfect to take away any burdens and queues and bring it back to what it’s all about, creating that perfect Christmas for your family.

We have lots of fantastic gift ideas, great items waiting and ready in stock, some shown below and many more on the website. We have next day delivery available for the Christmas period on in stock items for those needing their orders in a hurry, we have delivery runs heading out all over the country, we have gift vouchers available, whatever you need to make a great Christmas if you give our sales team a call on 01642 455589 we will try to accommodate you.

A Look Behind The Scenes at Homes Direct 365

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The process of producing our high quality hand made furniture is often described in words on a weekly basis here, or perhaps via telephone with one of our sales team, or even on our website in our terms and conditions and information, but we felt this week it would be of great benefit to fully show the process in more detail with some pictures to illustrate, give you a real grasp on what’s going on behind the Homes Direct 365 curtain…

First step in the process is preparing the wood. Taking the sheets of wood and turning that via drying process into manageable wood to work with. With the wood at this stage it is passed to highly skilled workers to shape and carve.

At this stage the skill and attention to detail is staggering. As seen in this picture the shape of a La Rochelle bedroom chair is coming together and the individual reeds are being wrapped and individually sewn through. This aspect is what puts an immense personal touch to our furniture, very few high street furniture retailers can provide a completely unique piece like this every time and there’s charm to that, a subtle vibe that it was crafted by hand rather than mass produced via machines.

After weeks of craft enough units are produced to fulfill demand. They’ve been carved, painted, treated to give an antique effect or gloss or various other finishes, and are now ready to be wrapped up and loaded onto containers. At this point they are now on their way to us at the main Homes Direct 365 location.

The container arrives to us and the warehouse staff begin to unload all of the furniture, check it over for any damages that may have incurred during transit, and then eventually they catalogue and store it to begin dispatch for the awaiting orders.

The furniture is now stacked and ready in our warehouse, awaiting delivery and orders. The process to this point has been over a course of many weeks and it’s a task to keep up with demand, as at this point they do begin to fly out the door faster than we can fully replenish stock again. To trim any time off of this process however would take away what makes it so special in the first place, that it’s been made from scraps of wood in the first picture to furniture by hand.

In our office the orders come through online via our system and are taken over the phone by our highly trained customer service team. Delivery dates are then arranged and agreed, and every other day we are travelling the length of the country on our vans to make delivery of the furniture.

Here one of our vans are loaded with the furniture, and our drivers are about to deliver. Familiar with handling the items they are far more careful than standard courier services with the goods to avoid any damage and are always extremely helpful at accommodating customers requirements.

At this final stage the furniture has now been delivered and we strive to make sure our customers are happy with the furniture they have received with after sales support available. Our testimonial page on our website will hopefully testify that our service and furniture throughout all these steps are of the highest regard. We continue to grow and expand and hopefully as Homes Direct 365 customers you feel a little bit more aware of the long process involved to make your furniture.

New iPhone 4 – good or bad!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Remember when we wrote about the new Apple iPad and how it would help making shopping for French furniture online even easier? Well Apple obviously wanted to make it an even better experience for you guys, and have brought out a new version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4 !

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

The new iPhone 4 apparently has a much better quality screen, meaning you can access our website and check out the array of products online even better than before! There are some new features besides that but that’s really all we are concerned with! And with the new phone being slimmer it’s now even easier to carry around and have access to the Internet (and Homes Direct 365) even more than before!

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What do you think?

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

At Homes Direct 365 we’re big fans of the collections of furniture we stock, and we want you to be to!

French Bedroom Furniture

French Bedroom Furniture

We’d like to hear what you think about our collections and ranges, from French dining furniture, to Chinese furniture, to contemporary lighting! Let us know what you think, what are your favourites, what do you have in your homes?

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