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Modern Vs Contemporary

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Modern and Contemporary… so whats the difference?

In interior design these styles are not synonymous with each other, as many people might think. Furniture comes in a variety of different styles, designs and colours which can be generally divided into contemporary and modern traditional designs.

So the difference? Well contemporary furniture can be classed as the most current, the ‘now’ styles which means it is constantly and ever changing. However this does not mean it is easily outdated, as often some of the most prominent contemporary furniture features design inspirations from a variety of era’s. To summarise, it is a forward looking design style to go for. A good example would be, distinctive shapes, a mixture of glass and wood and more ‘futuristic designs’.

Modern Furniture… As a start, modern furniture is generally referred to as ‘mid-century modern’. It is hugely recognisable by it’s clean, simplistic and unadorned furniture design. The use of natural materials such as American white oak, tropical oak and naturals woods are prominent, along with lacquered and waxed finishes. Hints of coulours are seldom used and a more ‘natural’ wood look is generally preferred.

Both contemporary and modern furniture designs can add much additional charm and astounding beauty in your home. A combination of several mixed styles can also create stunning results, brightening up the appearance in any room of your house.

At Homesdirect365, we offer a huge variety of distinctive modern and contemporary furniture selections, to help you find the perfect piece/s. For more information check out our full range right Here!

If you are after something with a bit more history, then why not check out our extensive range of antique French or shabby chic furniture ranges, all can be found right Here, only at homesdirect365.

French matching ranges @ Homes Direct 365

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Haven’t got the time to sit and look through hundreds of pieces of furniture to match up different pieces for your room? Its something we found annoying and time consuming! Especially when you’re looking for bespoke items that are difficult to match like French furniture!

Romano Mirrored Collection

Romano Mirrored Collection

At Homes Direct we looked at this for you, and developed a French Matching Ranges section. Here you can find complete sets of furniture and matching ranges that we have available online, such as the La Rochelle Collection, Bergere Collection, Provence Collection and many more. Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collections

If you want to have a look at our matching ranges you can see them online at our website today – don’t miss out on creating that unique French look in your home for 2010!

Contemporary Lighting @ Homes Direct 365

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

At Homes Direct 365 we are proud that we have a reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of French furniture online. But,  it is often lost in translation that not only do we stock fabulous ranges of traditional French furniture, French lighting, French mirrors etc. we also carry other ranges such as Chinese furniture, contemporary furniture and much more!

Little Alien Table Lamp

Little Alien Table Lamp

One collection that we have a stunning range of is our contemporary lighting. From floor lamps, to table lamps, ceiling lights to wall lights, we have a stunning piece of lighting for your contemporary home!

We even have a glamorous range of contemporary chandeliers, such as the caterpillar chandeliers or silhouette curl acrylic chandeliers! Check out the website today to find the right style of lighting for your home, or even have a look for a gift for a loved one!

Spring is on the way!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

I think just about everybody in the country is fed up with this horrible cold weather now! Usually we love a bit of snow, but this winter has been a little extreme for us Brits! I think I speak on behalf of a nation saying bring on Spring and some sunshine!

French Furniture Set

French Furniture Set

What better way to start the spring than a spring clean? And what better way to freshen up your home, that some wonderful new additions from our elegant furniture collections! We have ranges of furniture to suit all tastes and budgets! Whether you’re interested in romantic French furniture, or your home would benefit from a piece from our contemporary furniture collection, we have something for you.

It doesn’t have to stop at furniture, brighten up your home with French lighting, or check you have nothing in your teeth in one of our classic French mirrors.

Silver Ball Light

Silver Ball Light

Check out the website today and see what you can find for your home this Spring! Why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter and keep up to date with our special offers and new products!

Is the iPad the future of surfing the web?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Here at Homes Direct, we’re all for new technology…. people not only can check out our great range of French furniture or contemporary furniture online, they can now browse on their phones!

New iPad by Apple

New iPad by Apple

From desktop computers to laptop computers, from a Blackberry, to an iPhone, the Internet is evolving and we want to be on your list of favourite sites no matter how you get there!

In the Homes Direct office we’re all for the new Apple iPad! We love the great features that will make browsing our collections such as French mirrors, Chinese furniture, or even children’s furniture, so much easier! And let be honest, this will make the likes of Facebook and Twitter even more addictive… so why not follow us on there too! Become a fan or a follower today!