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Give Your Home A Stylish Makeover With Antique French Furniture…

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

French furniture continues to set the standard for elegance in properties, from ornate wooden tables and chairs, perfect for hosting classy dinner parties, to bedroom furniture fit for a Parisian king. You no longer have to be royal to benefit from beautiful furnishings, with French furniture in the classic style available to give exquisite flair to every room in your house – from the lounge to the conservatory.

With a rich cultural heritage underlying the various types of furniture produced by the nation, the term ‘French furniture’ can be misleadingly broad – there is no single style of French furniture, but rather an assortment of distinctive regional varieties. The Parisian style is perhaps the best known,expanding beyond the capital in the late 17th century to become a standard in many other European countries before reaching British shores. While the mechanics of the Industrial Revolution diminished its popularity in favour of furniture that was cheaper and more convenient to produce, the ornate stylings and durable materials of Parisian furniture have seen the style remain a top choice for luxury furnishings.

More decadent still is the tradition of French royal furniture, popularised in the beautiful Palace of Versailles where silver smiths fashioned such eye-catching furnishings as those in the Galerie desGlaces. That’s not to ignore the achievements of provincial master craftsmen in towns such as Lyonand Liège, however, whose efforts helped to bring artistic French furniture out of the domain of therich and privileged to the masses.

La Rochelle Furniture

Still a hallmark of elegance, you can find French furniture suitable for all rooms in your home – from public areas such as the lounge, which canbe transformed with fashionable cabinets and coffee tables, to the private abode of the bedroom,where a French four poster bed could bring all the luxury of a high-class suite into your daily life. Your garden can even benefit from a fancy French makeover, replacing cheap or unfashionable garden chairs and tables with something classier to show the neighbours your impressive sense of style. Another area you might wish to explore to enhance your property is French mirrors, which can add depth and light to your home and make eye-catching additions to any hallway. From convenient table mirrors to larger cast iron mirrors to bring true Venetian style to your rooms, French mirrors can beused to great effect to complement your other stylish furniture, cast in the inimitable French mould.

Time to sit in the conservatory again!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Now the sunshine is out, our once cold in the winter conservatories are now lovely bubbles of heat in our homes, letting us enjoy the sunshine when it may not be warm enough to actually sit outside and enjoy it yet! Conservatories let the sun shine in, trap in the heat and let us get ourselves ready for the summer months!

Terrariums Pair

Terrariums Pair

In your sunshine haven, why not add the same touch of class that you have throughout the rest of your home… at Homes Direct 365 we have some wonderful conservatory furniture… we have some lovely Terrariums in stock, in pairs and on their own. Or why not have a look at our stylish French garden furniture collections, so when you’re sat in your conservatory looking out into your sunny garden you enjoy the view?

Check out the website today to see what you can find to brighten up your summer.

Make Your Home YOUR Home…

Friday, February 19th, 2010

One of the advantages of having your own home, whether it be owned, shared or rented, is being able to create your own unique style in your home. Whether it be your choice of furniture, the paint or wallpaper you choose to cover your four walls with, the lighting you choose, or the accessories you like, you can say a lot about yourself through your home.

Elegant Furniture for Your Home

Elegant Furniture for Your Home

At Homes Direct 365 we have furniture collections to suit every style… treat your home to a touch of elegance and class with our French furniture ranges, or reflect your style with our mirrored furniture collections…

Chinese Black Chest

Chinese Black Chest

If you’re happy with your furniture but fancy a change, why not express yourself through our range of accessories, and stand out from the rest… or give your garden a touch of elegance with our French garden furniture.

Either way, Homes Direct 365 have something for you and your home… check out the website today for some great ideas and money saving ways to create a haven in your home… If you want to hear about this without having to check out our blog, join us as a fan on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter today!