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Stay Bright

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Fantastic lighting ideas for you!

It’s safe to say that we will all miss those long hot sunny days, humid nights and the picturesque view of nature in it’s fullest glowing form. So as summer draws to an end, those dark nights and short days slowly creep upon us.

It seems hard to think that before Thomas Edison’s invention of the first incandescent light we where all reliant on candle, gas and oil to bring light in our homes.

From the incandescent light came the invention and patent of the filament light bulb. Towards the turn of the 20th Century it opened the door for a whole host of fixtures and lighting that could expand from there, and indeed for the last 100+ years it has done so considerably.  The expansion and evolution of the household light is clearly visible in all homes today.  Now, as we begin to see LED’s and fluorescent lamps taking over the reigns from the light bulb, it’s giving many more possibilities for the future. .

That’s why we here at homesdirect365 are giving you the chance to do just that with our excellent selection and variety of lighting.

We are offering fantastic savings on all of our French lighting ranges. From French Chandeliers or candelabras to lanterns or contemporary lighting, we are sure to have something that suits your style perfectly.

So this season fill your home with lighting from our fantastic collection, to view our full collection of lighting click here,
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So stay bright this season with homesdirect365 and save £££

Contemporary Lighting @ Homes Direct 365

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

At Homes Direct 365 we are proud that we have a reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of French furniture online. But,  it is often lost in translation that not only do we stock fabulous ranges of traditional French furniture, French lighting, French mirrors etc. we also carry other ranges such as Chinese furniture, contemporary furniture and much more!

Little Alien Table Lamp

Little Alien Table Lamp

One collection that we have a stunning range of is our contemporary lighting. From floor lamps, to table lamps, ceiling lights to wall lights, we have a stunning piece of lighting for your contemporary home!

We even have a glamorous range of contemporary chandeliers, such as the caterpillar chandeliers or silhouette curl acrylic chandeliers! Check out the website today to find the right style of lighting for your home, or even have a look for a gift for a loved one!

New Website Coming Soon!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

At Homes Direct 365 we want to make looking through our exclusive ranges of French furniture more enjoyable than ever before, so, we’ve invested in a new website!

The new website is currently in development, but isn’t far from going live, and we hope that the new site will make browsing the site and finding the products you want even more easy and enjoyable than it is at the moment!

We’ll still feature your favourite ranges and categories, such as French Bathroom Furniture, French Bedroom Furniture, French Lighting, French Mirrors and many many more!French Furniture

Check out the website today, as the next time you look, you may not recognise us!

Spring is on the way!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

I think just about everybody in the country is fed up with this horrible cold weather now! Usually we love a bit of snow, but this winter has been a little extreme for us Brits! I think I speak on behalf of a nation saying bring on Spring and some sunshine!

French Furniture Set

French Furniture Set

What better way to start the spring than a spring clean? And what better way to freshen up your home, that some wonderful new additions from our elegant furniture collections! We have ranges of furniture to suit all tastes and budgets! Whether you’re interested in romantic French furniture, or your home would benefit from a piece from our contemporary furniture collection, we have something for you.

It doesn’t have to stop at furniture, brighten up your home with French lighting, or check you have nothing in your teeth in one of our classic French mirrors.

Silver Ball Light

Silver Ball Light

Check out the website today and see what you can find for your home this Spring! Why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter and keep up to date with our special offers and new products!