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Make a house a home – with French furniture

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Home, as the saying goes, is where the heart is. Home is also where many people invest months – or even years – turning it from a mere ‘bricks and mortar’ house, into a comfortable, personalised dwelling.

French Style Bedroom

French Style Bedroom

As such, home is a place of refuge for many people, a sanctuary from the big wide world outside, somewhere to relax, unwind and spend quality time with their loved ones. It’s for this reason that so many people take a great deal of care in selecting the right furniture, decor, appliances and general layout – a home is a reflection of someone’s taste and personal preferences and for many, it all begins in the bedroom.

The bedroom offers even more personalised space within the wider home, so in a shared abode, people can disappear to their own room for some time to themselves. This is why many people take a great deal of care making their bedroom the star attraction of their home. So where to start?

Well, for that extra special touch of class, you could do a lot worse than bring a little French elegance into the bedroom. Taking centre stage, the iconic French dressing table can take any home to the next level in terms of chic, with a hand-carved antique dressing table with mirror and French stool bringing both function and class to any bedroom.

Naturally, any bedroom needs a bed. To complement the exquisite French dressing table, what better way to lay your head down to rest than with a black antique French bed, with delicate wood carvings and an antique finish?

For the classiest of French bedrooms, you could go all out with a French bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, cheval mirror and console table. The icing on the cake might just be a blanket box, screen and a French mannequin. Now, a mannequin may seem like a step too far for those with more of a leaning towards functionality, but anyone seeking a classic French feel – like something straight from the set of Luis Buñuel’s classic ‘Belle de jour’ – might just want to go that extra step to complete the look.

French bedroom furniture can take many forms, so whether you are a modernist with a penchant for all things contemporary, or have one foot firmly in the 1920s, you will be able to find a style to suit your tastes.

New iPhone 4 – good or bad!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Remember when we wrote about the new Apple iPad and how it would help making shopping for French furniture online even easier? Well Apple obviously wanted to make it an even better experience for you guys, and have brought out a new version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4 !

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

The new iPhone 4 apparently has a much better quality screen, meaning you can access our website and check out the array of products online even better than before! There are some new features besides that but that’s really all we are concerned with! And with the new phone being slimmer it’s now even easier to carry around and have access to the Internet (and Homes Direct 365) even more than before!

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French furniture – In or Out?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

As you know at Homes Direct 365 we love French furniture: it’s unique, stylish, elegant and embodies the European culture that we’re known around the world for. But that’s us. We’d love to know what you think?

French bedroom furniture can bring an elegance and a romantic touch to your ‘boudoir’ (AKA French boudoir!) then we think there’s nothing better than a luxurious French bed, surrounded by matching French furniture, all hand crafted and distinguished…

But then again, we are not you! Tell us what you think, we’d love to know!

Time to sit in the conservatory again!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Now the sunshine is out, our once cold in the winter conservatories are now lovely bubbles of heat in our homes, letting us enjoy the sunshine when it may not be warm enough to actually sit outside and enjoy it yet! Conservatories let the sun shine in, trap in the heat and let us get ourselves ready for the summer months!

Terrariums Pair

Terrariums Pair

In your sunshine haven, why not add the same touch of class that you have throughout the rest of your home… at Homes Direct 365 we have some wonderful conservatory furniture… we have some lovely Terrariums in stock, in pairs and on their own. Or why not have a look at our stylish French garden furniture collections, so when you’re sat in your conservatory looking out into your sunny garden you enjoy the view?

Check out the website today to see what you can find to brighten up your summer.

Venetian Mirrors – add a touch of class to your home

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

These days everybody seems to have the same mirrors on their walls, its getting more and more difficult to make your home stand out from the ‘norm’.

Venetian Mirror

Venetian Mirror

Homes Direct 365 not only specialise in French mirrors and furniture, but also Venetian mirrors. Venetian mirrors have developed in style over the years, and you can now find some stunning and unique styles, shapes and sizes, so there will be something perfect for any home, including yours!

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors

Why not visit the Venetian Mirrors part of our website, and see if you can find something to style up your home! Check out the website today.

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