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Baroque Antique French Style Bedside

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  • Hand Carved Mahogany
  • Antique White

Translated from the Portugese phrase 'pérola barroca' meaning irregular pearl, Baroque and its translation perfectly describes the artistic creations occuring in the 17th and 18th Century in France. As you can see here with the magnificent Antique French White Bedside irregular pearl perfectly describes the beautiful detailing's, the flowing symmetrical carvings. Hand carved from solid mahogany, this Bedside is strong and exuberant as many Baroque pieces are, reflecting the strength in leadership of King Louis XIV at the time. Grand and extremely impressive in person and alongside the other pieces, this bedside would make for a stunning bedroom set especially alongside our shabby chic furniture range

  • W 46cm x D 38cm x H 66cm
  • Drawer Height: 18cm Approx

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