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Bedroom Sets

How does your bedroom furniture look? Is it an unsatisfying mix of styles old and new? Are some of the items outdated, worn out or damaged? Are you fed up with looking at the same old wardrobes and dressing tables? Perhaps it's time to choose some new bedroom furniture!

You deserve to have your dream bedroom, a personal haven for a perfect night's sleep, and achieving this is within your reach with our stunning bedroom sets at HomesDirect365. With more than a thousand pieces of bedroom furniture to choose from, you are sure to find a set that suits your budget and your own personal style.

The advantage of buying a bedroom furniture set is that all the items will complement each other beautifully and you won't have to search for matching pieces. Even better, you can save more money when you buy one of our exclusive bundle deals!

So, what can you expect to find in our collection?

Take a look at a few examples of what we have to offer:


Antique French-Style Bedroom Furniture Sets

There's nothing quite like the finesse and elegance of French styles, and our bedroom furniture sets include several different ranges that reflect this.

White Bedroom Furniture

Our ever-popular white bedroom furniture sets are simply stunning. Cleverly crafted from high-quality mahogany, they are coated with antique-effect white paint that adds charm and character.

The best thing about white bedroom furniture is that it goes with almost any other colour, allowing you to use your imagination when designing your ideal bedroom.

The Emmanuelle set comes in white and is an excellent example of the quality furniture that we stock. In this set, you get a choice of two different bed frames, both with exquisitely hand-carved headboards and foot ends.

There are also two bedside tables to choose between, one with a single drawer and the other with two drawers, both of which have slender cabriole* legs and beautiful carved detail on the drawer facings.

*traditional cabriole legs are s-shaped, curving out at the top and inwards at the feet.

As for chests, the two on offer in the Emmanuelle set are very different in style. The first has three drawers, elaborate carving, cabriole legs and vintage metal pull knobs. The other has five drawers and plain, splayed legs. Three of the drawers are smaller, set on top of the other two larger ones. These three are elaborately decorated with carving and have black metal pull knobs, while the two larger drawers are plain, with vintage metal drop-handles.

A two-door wardrobe with an arched top, delicate floral carvings and 'bun' feet is finished with beautiful beading around the rims, and vintage-effect metal fittings.

The five-drawer tallboy chest echoes the style and quality of the other items and is a great space-saving unit.

Finally, in the Emmanuelle set, we have the dressing table with a stool and mirror. Three drawers are set into the main body, while four further drawers are set on top with the mirror nestled between. The decoration is limited to floral scrollwork on the mirror frame, which only adds to the attractiveness of this superb piece of furniture. The stool is deeply cushioned and covered with matching fabric, making this a luxurious setting at which to make your daily preparations.

In history, Baroque styles encompassed music, architecture, poetry and all of the arts during the 17th and 18th centuries. The French embraced this fashion and made it their own, with furniture crafted especially for the king, Louis XIV. These items symbolised the king's power, strength and leadership, with a sense of flamboyance and exaggerated detail.

Our Baroque furniture collection continues this tradition, with large, exaggerated pieces and bold, ornate decoration. The bed is a great example of this, supported by sturdy legs at the corners and an extra leg in the centre front. Elaborately carved panels at the corners of the foot end stay true to the baroque style and the large, quilted headboard adds a real sense of royal French opulence.

The following pieces from this set echo the same design perfectly:

  • A two-drawer bedside table
  • A three-drawer chest
  • A four-drawer tallboy chest
  • A two-door wardrobe
  • A dressing table with a built-in mirror and matching stool
  • A full-length Cheval mirror

This is one bedroom furniture set to be proud of!

Sometimes referred to as 'late baroque', Rococo designs are similar but with a lighter and more playful side. This can be seen in our own Rococo-style bedroom furniture, with open, graceful carving and a less robust feel to the furniture.

The Rococo bedroom furniture set includes:

  • An impressive bed frame with classic Rococo motifs
  • A two-door wardrobe with attractive foliate carving
  • A two-drawer bedside table
  • A two-drawer chest of drawers with indented scallop shell pull handles
  • Three and four-drawer chests with vintage metal drop-handles
  • A dressing table with an upholstered stool and mirror
  • A full-length cheval mirror

Each item is beautiful in its own right, but when seen as a set the effect is simply breathtaking.

Our Estelle set offers a broader range of French designs, without the emphasis on ornament. We have five beds in the Estelle set, each with its own distinct style. You can choose from an upholstered 'four-poster' or one with a rattan headboard and foot end. There's also a bed with a regal high-back quilted headboard, and two more that are similar in design to the Baroque and Rococo themes.

In addition, there are two bedside tables with either one or three drawers, chests with two, three or five drawers, a wardrobe with mirrored doors and twin drawers, and a dressing table with a three-piece mirror and a choice of two different stools with crushed velvet cushioned seats.

For sheer style and luxury, our Annaelle bedroom furniture is hard to beat! Modest carving is balanced by the antique white, almost cream-coloured paint, set off to stunning effect with dark oak tops and vintage metal knobs.

Included in the set are a two-drawer bedside table, a two-drawer chest, two different dressing tables with mirrors, and a TV stand.

The Bakersfield has strong, straight lines instead of organic curves. These are enhanced with dentil work (meaning teeth) around the pediments.

You get a choice of three bed styles, two bedside tables, two chests (four or five drawers), two wardrobes, and a dressing table with a mirror and stool.

While still retaining French charm, the Brittany set is an appealing combination of white and grey but it relies on simplicity rather than ornamentation, so you don't find the flowery carvings and details.

Choose from a one, two or three-drawer bedside table, a 2x2 chest of drawers (two large and two small), and a dressing table with mirror and stool.

The drawers are tastefully decorated with a grey basket-weave pattern and a heart-shaped handle.

Similarly, the Juliette range relies on elegant simplicity, with a whitewashed finish and ivory-effect handles with carved rose motifs.

For The Bold...

Although white bedroom furniture in the French antique style is extremely popular, you might prefer something bolder, in which case either the Chloe or La Rochelle bedroom set could be the one for you!

The Chloe comes in an eye-catching grey colour, while the La Rochelle set is an opulent silver, so both will really make an impact. In addition, the Estelle comes in silver and the Bakersfield in grey.


Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets

Fans of contemporary styles are in luck, as we have plenty to choose from!

Many of our bedroom sets qualify as being modern in style, including these ones that we've picked out as examples:

Starting with the Ranston, this popular set is a stunning midnight blue offset with natural oak tops and brushed steel cup-handles.

There's a pleasing simplicity about this furniture; it is contemporary without being pretentious. You get a choice of two bedside cabinets, three chests, two wardrobes and a dressing table that's perfect for anyone who simply wants a place to prepare themselves for the day ahead without any fuss.

This set also comes in truffle or natural oak finishes.

The Trentino range stays with the theme of modern contemporary furniture, with chrome cup-handles on the drawers and lime-washed oak tops. Available in white, charcoal or grey, this set includes a great choice of bedside tables, chests, wardrobes and dressing tables.

The Riano might be your best bet if you prefer functional, modern bedroom furniture. While still stylish and well-made, there are no elaborate decorations, and this range offers plenty of storage:

  • A two-door wardrobe
  • A five-drawer narrow tallboy chest
  • Two, three, four, and six drawer chests
  • A three-drawer dressing table
  • A one-drawer chest/bedside table with open storage area

The silver-effect arch handles complete the effect perfectly, breaking up the large areas of plane colour and adding a contemporary feel.

The Riano is available in black, white, pine-effect or walnut-effect finishes. We have chests with two, four, five or six drawers, a narrow five-drawer chest, and a three-drawer dressing table.

Very similar to the Riano, the Hulio adds variety with black gloss, white gloss or white and walnut finishes. It is available in exactly the same types of units as the Riano (see above) and has larger metal arch handles in diffused silver.

With our Hopton range, you get a beautiful, deep Oxford blue colour capped with thick natural oak. The edges are rounded and the drawers have pewter cup-handles that soften the impact of these impressive units. This set includes a three-door wardrobe, a four-drawer chest and a choice of two beds (one with storage drawers and one without). You can also have a fabric headboard or one with vertical slats.

For a neat, contemporary look, the Devon has it all. With a choice of wardrobes, chests, a lamp table, a shoe cabinet and even a TV stand, this set is available in three colours; white, charcoal or oak effect. The charcoal and white sets have natural oak-effect tops that contrast beautifully with the colours.

Finally, we have the Swindon, in alluring midnight grey or a fresh white finish, with pewter handles. This range has a sophisticated, grown-up feel that would grace the bedroom of anyone who loves the finer things in life.

The set includes a choice of three wardrobes, a bedside cabinet, two different sizes of chest, a blanket box, a dressing table and a full-length Cheval mirror.

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture Sets

For glitz and glamour, you can't beat mirrored furniture. The reflective surfaces bring light into the room, adding a sense of space and airiness. They enhance the existing colours and textures, effortlessly maximising the effect.

Our mirrored bedroom furniture sets include these examples:

Romano/Romano Crystal

The Romano set has a neat, square symmetry that makes the most of the mirrored surfaces.

You can choose from chests with three, four or five drawers, a console table, a two-drawer wardrobe, and a V-shaped TV cabinet with a two-shelf open storage area. These items come with slimline metal handles that complement the mirror finish perfectly.

The Romano Crystal is identical, with the addition of a TV cabinet with a double-curved front containing four drawers, and crystal glass handles for added sparkle.


With its unique Venetian design and combination of marble and frosted mirror finish, the Sassari range is a wonderful way of lifting your bedroom decor to new heights.

You have a choice of two console tables (three or five drawers), an elegant upholstered bench, a mirrored sideboard with three doors and drawers, and a three-drawer bedside table.


The Florence set has three items to view; a three or four-drawer chest and a bedside table with three drawers. Although the range is smaller than others, they are still well worth considering! With stylish gently curving fronts and metal ring handles, these items would grace any house.

The three units also have 'soft-close' drawers as an added bonus.


This set is the last word in French style and elegance and would be a superb addition to any bedroom space for anyone who loves the luxury look.

Rather than having continuous mirrored surfaces, the Argente has individual square or rectangular mirror tiles across the body.

This collection includes:

  • A four-door sideboard
  • Television cabinet
  • Coffee table
  • Console table
  • Four-drawer chest of drawers
  • Dressing table
  • Mirror
  • Upholstered stool

Crystal glass handles and smooth, curving legs add extra flair and panache to this outstanding bedroom furniture set.


Natural Wood Bedroom Sets

If you prefer a more traditional style, why not check out our fantastic range of wooden bedroom furniture that celebrates the beauty of natural wood grain?

Our Marton pine set includes the following:

  • Wardrobes with one, two or three doors
  • Chest of drawers with four or five drawers
  • A four-drawer tall chest (with a deep bottom drawer)
  • A four-drawer dressing table
  • A three-drawer bedside table
  • A bedside unit with a single drawer and storage space
  • A pine bed frame with a high foot end

The Marton range has a wonderful simplicity, enhanced by black iron hinges, drop-handles and fixtures.

We also have the Ranston Oak range of solid wood furniture that pays tribute to the classic Shaker style:

  • Solid oak bed with a vertically slatted headboard
  • Three-drawer bedside table
  • Dressing table with a single drawer
  • A six-drawer chest

These items are beautifully simple, with rounded edges and 'antique' metal cup handles, making them a perfect addition to any home.

If you're after real luxury, then you'll love our Raphael mahogany French-style bedroom set! We mentioned French antique-style furniture above, but with these particular items the deep, rich mahogany tones are left uncovered.

This collection includes the following:

  • Three different choices of bed frame
  • Four or five-drawer chests
  • Two-drawer bedside tables
  • Two-door wardrobe with mirrored door panels
  • Dressing table with mirror and stool
  • Cheval mirror

The soft curves and elegant carving will definitely add a touch of boudoir chic to any room, and the natural tones of the polished wood grain bring warmth and a sense of maturity and sophistication.

Be sure to check out the Raphael bundle deal - you can choose which items you want to include, and bag yourself a bargain!

Finally, we have the Montpellier Blanc set crafted from mindi wood. This superb range features several impressive pieces, including:

  • Three, five or seven-drawer chests
  • Three different styles of bed, two with upholstered headboards and footboards
  • A five-drawer tallboy chest
  • A two or three-drawer wardrobe
  • A dressing table set with a large mirror and cushioned stool

All of these excellent pieces of furniture have a 'distressed' whitewash finish. Along with the delicate vintage black metal drop-handles, this adds a real sense of rustic charm.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture Sets

The shabby chic trend began back in the 1980s and is still going strong today. The great thing about this style is that it allows you to create a personal haven your own way. Rooms are often eclectic, with a real mix of attractive textures, colours and designs.

The key to a good shabby chic room is to use furniture that has character or hints at a history. The good news is that all of our French antique-styled furniture would be a perfect addition to a shabby chic design. The Brittany and Juliette sets are ideal for anyone who adores shabby chic/French styles without the elaborate carving.

Each piece exudes charm and character, with a vintage appearance that will make an ideal showpiece.


Make The Most Of Your Bedroom Space

It's worth taking a moment to consider exactly what items of furniture you want in your perfect bedroom.

Of course, the size of your bedroom space will determine what you can fit inside it, and this makes it all the more important to pick the right items.

If you're planning on buying new bedroom furniture, it's a good idea to measure the space first and note any potential obstacles, such as doors, windows, radiators, chimney breasts, etc. If you have alcoves or recesses, measure them carefully as these are handy places for chests or dressing tables.

Obviously, the centrepiece is going to be your bed, so make sure you choose wisely! After this, you need to think about storage and practicality; how big does your wardrobe need to be? What about a chest of drawers? Do you have room for a dressing table with a stool and mirror? These are ideal for preparing yourself for work or a night out, with plenty of room for your beauty essentials and jewellery.

Bedside tables make a perfect setting for lamps, with extra space for your book, drink, glasses, phone, etc.

For larger rooms, you might want to add an extra console table or even a TV stand. An ottoman or blanket box (traditionally placed at the end of the bed) will give you a handy space for storing spare blankets and bedding.

How about investing in a chaise lounge (or chaise longue) for that luxury boudoir effect?

Do you love books? Then why not consider having a bookcase in your bedroom? It doesn't have to be enormous - we have several space-saving units in our collection. Many of our bedroom furniture sets have matching bookcases that will complete the look of your room.

So, use your imagination and create your dream bedroom in your own personal style with HomesDirect365's bedroom furniture set collection.


HomesDirect365: Creating Your Ideal Living Space

We've given you a taste of what you can find in our exclusive range of bedroom furniture sets.

So now it's up to you to choose which one you love.

This is no easy task, as there are so many attractive design, colour and style options for you to browse!

HomesDirect365 is committed to offering beautiful furniture at affordable prices. Our comprehensive range includes items for every room, so make sure you check out each department.

Our exclusive sales ensure that these amazing pieces of furniture are available at the lowest price without compromising on quality. Head to our online store today and find furniture to suit your style and your budget and create your personal haven with HomesDirect365.