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Broken Table Top 17/06/2022

How to replace a table top

There are many reasons why people need new furniture. It might be a change in current fashion, or maybe that the item was broken. However, instead of getting rid of it completely and buying new items, thousands of people these days are upgrading their furniture. It’s an excellent way of saving money, keeping hold of a treasured piece, and reducing waste. Alternatively, some people scour garage sales and thrift stores for coffee tables and other furniture. These can sometimes be a bit worse for wear as the top of the... Read More


Wet Bar vs Dry Bar

Home bars have, like so many other fashions and fads, enjoyed phases of popularity and those times when they were seen as outdated and a bit passé. However, they have never completely gone away, and in the past few years, more homeowners are investing in a home bar than ever before. Maybe you’ve given some thought to the idea? You’re by no means alone! Recent events (including the Covid-19 pandemic) have changed society in many ways. The rising cost of living and the expense of going out to pubs and... Read More

Wood Carving Thumb 07/06/2022

Types of wood carving

Wood carving is one of those pastimes that connects us with our primitive ancestors. It’s an excellent way of forgetting the troubles and trials of today and reverting to ‘simpler’ times while indulging our creative side. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, anyone can pick up a knife and create something beautiful or functional (maybe both!) by carving a log or block of wood. It isn’t just about the end product either: watching the shapes or patterns gradually emerge from the wood is a great way to relieve... Read More

Mold on Drawers 07/06/2022

Is mold on wood furniture dangerous?

Wood furniture looks great in any home, so lots of people will have wood surfaces throughout their rooms to bring in some natural material that makes a space feel more homely. The problem is, however, that mold can become a problem with wood furniture and actually ruin the look of the wood surface. Not only is it problematic for the wooden furniture, depending on the type of mold and mold spores you have, it can be hazardous to your health, too. But don’t worry, in today’s guide, we’ll be taking... Read More

Mahogany Bar 26/05/2022

What Is A Dry Bar?

The idea of having your very own bar at home is attractive to many people. While it’s great to head out to a pub, restaurant or bar once in a while, what better way to relax and unwind after a long day than kicking back and settling down at home in front of your own bar with a Mai Tai or ice-cold beer? You don’t need to get dressed up, you don’t need to worry about taxis or designated drivers, and last orders aren’t going to be a problem! Home... Read More

Blue Wet Bar with Sink 20/05/2022

What Is A Wet Bar?

Essentially, a wet bar is a space set aside for preparing and serving alcoholic drinks, usually in your house. This might be for your own private use, but most wet bars are used for entertainment purposes when people have friends and family around. So, you might be wondering, what makes it a wet bar? Also, what’s the difference between wet bars and dry bars? Happily, you’re in the right place to find all the information you need about home bars! Source: Why Wet Bar? First, let’s deal with the... Read More

Victorian Furniture 20/05/2022

What Period Is My Furniture?

There’s something about antique furniture that appeals to us. Maybe it’s the quality of the craftsmanship or the beautiful finish of the wood. Maybe it’s the nostalgic styles that evoke times past, the fact that it’s pre-loved, or even that it provides a connection with periods of history where things seemed simpler somehow. Perhaps it’s all of these and more. Whatever the reasons, antique furniture is as popular as ever, as enthusiasts strive to claim a beautiful and tangible piece of history for themselves in these increasingly confusing and uncertain... Read More

Large wooden chest of drawers 03/03/2022

Wrap & Pack Wood Furniture

Moving soon and wood furniture needs safe packing?  At Homes Direct 365 we are experts in furniture, and whether you need to move out or simply redecorate, to relocate furnishing yourself, you must prioritise the safety and integrity of heavy possessions and move them with care.  After all, you want to ensure that any beautiful non-flatpack furnishing arrives at your new home in one piece, unless you want to get rid of some. Large, bulky wood furniture, especially antiques, can be a challenge to transport safely. Without taking the necessary... Read More

How To Make A Moodboard - Moodboard on wall 25/02/2022

How to Make a Moodboard

Mood boards can be the difference between a successful creative project and a dud. They’re that helpful. Creating mood boards doesn’t need to be difficult either. It’s all about finding design elements you like, and then putting them on a board for you to look at. But with so many ways of doing it, it can be hard knowing exactly how to do it successfully, so you feel inspired and focus on the theme you want for your project. So today, we’ll show you exactly how to create a mood... Read More

frank lloyd wright famous furniture makers 22/02/2022

The Most Famous Furniture Designers

Ever felt like you needed a full list of furniture designers and makers to understand their contributions to the furniture design world? Do you want a one-stop shop for names of furniture makers that have run a successful furniture business, created iconic furniture, or blurred the lines between artistic projects and design trends in furniture? What about finding out about modern British furniture design businesses? Well, you’re in the right place, because here is where you’ll find a compete list of furniture makers, furniture designers, and modern British businesses that... Read More