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Homes Direct 365 Decorative Mirrors Range

Mirrors around the Home If you have not tried Homes Direct 365 wall mirrors in your home, you are missing out. Mirrors will take your interior design to the next level as they have a great aesthetic value. They add taste to your home once you have them in place. Imagine having wall mirrors in addition to your home murals. You know the feeling you get when you walk into a clothes store with mirrors all over. You can make your home feel more luxurious using wall mirrors. Well, it cannot be... Read More


The History of French Furniture is as Rich as a French King

Throughout your life, your taste in furniture has probably changed and evolved in as many extremes as your tastes in your romantic partners or a great bottle of fine wine. With French furniture as your new passion in furniture and home décor, you are no doubt interested in learning some of the histories of this unique and classic style. We consider French furniture to be the finest of the “fine wines” in furniture styles, and its rich history definitely backs up that claim. Let’s take a look at the evolution... Read More


Unique Garden Ornaments to Brighten Up Your Summer

Spring is here, and soon we’ll be knee-deep in another beautiful summer. Thinking of those beautiful days and nights with the family in the backyard garden probably has you longing for those warm days with the sprinkler running and the barbecue firing up. Homes Direct 365 have a large range of French garden ornaments here for you to browse through Our Full French garden furniture range This year, why not spend some time making your  garden the most beautiful one on the block by strategically utilizing affordable and... Read More


The Trend in Crushed Velvet Beds Can Change Your Nights

Homes Direct 365 Crushed Velvet Beds Collection Do you remember Seinfeld’s George Costanza and his biggest life goal? While he may have been career-challenged and romantically inept – and stuck living with his parents on too many occasions – his one true love was velvet. In fact, in the ever-popular series he was often quoted as saying that he would, “drape himself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.” That seemed pretty ridiculous until the episode entitled “The Doodle” where he covered himself in velvet from head to toe... Read More


The Ultimate Style and Class Of French Furniture

French furniture is perfect for your home if you are interested in history and have an artistic bend of mind. After all, what can be a more appropriate when reading the history of Versailles or the Chateaus of France, while you are sitting cosily by a fireplace in an armchair reminiscent of the Dukes of Frances. Designing your residence with French a style can literally transport you to a completely different era. For this reason, alone, some of the best, most luxurious and expensive hotels on the planet kit out... Read More


Its the summer alfresco french garden furniture time

You can check out all of the products in our french garden furniture on the link below Summer is the best time to enjoy an alfresco meal in the garden with your family members and friends. Or you may prefer to while away an afternoon relaxing and basking in the warm sunlight. Whatever you plan to do come summertime, it is essential that you have the right furniture and decor to make your time in the garden more pleasant and memorable. If you want to be transported to another... Read More


Check These French Chaise Longues & French Style Benches

We would like you to browse through our range of stunning and unique chaise longues and french style benches, take your time and see which one would best suit your rooms. These can be used as lounge chairs or simply placed strategically placed around the home as an elegant focal point. Here is the link for the whole range of Chaise Longues and Benches   Antique French Style Telephone Bench Grey Fabric Featuring a chocolate upholstered fabric seat and single drawer with a crystal handle, this ivory French... Read More

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Do you like contemporary or classic furniture

Furnishing a house is probably the dream of every women. Decorating the house which accents to the style and taste is a daunting task, the one in which furniture plays a crucial role, what type of furniture you like and what suits with the architecture of your house are important questions to ask. Here, let us guide you into a quick glance over the famous type of furniture styles available in the market today. Contemporary Furniture A family room, is the place you invest a great deal of energy unwinding... Read More


French Style Crushed Velvet Beds Look Better

Style It is well known that velvet fabrics sport a unique and unusual softness in both appearance and feel. Historically, velvet has often been associated with nobility due to its high cost of production and its luxurious properties. However, in recent trends, velvet is on its way back from plush designer clothing to our homes, giving traditional furnishings a colourful new spin. In recent months, velvet with its richness of colour and texture made a bold statement among the fashion conscious people. As a result, the new fad of crushed... Read More


The New Trend of Crushed Velvet Beds

One of the softest fabrics in the world is velvet. It is a soft pile material that has been part of clothing and upholstery ever since the Middle Ages. The world velvet actually refers to the weave of the fabric. Traditionally, velvet was made from silk. It was made using a special loom that generated fabric which has two layers of thickness at the same time. The process was done by hand and thus very tedious. Due to this, velvet commanded a very high price. As a result, only royalty... Read More