Make a house a home – with French furniture

Home, as the saying goes, is where the heart is. Home is also where many people invest months – or even years – turning it from a mere ‘bricks and mortar’ house, into a comfortable, personalised dwelling.

French Style Bedroom

French Style Bedroom

As such, home is a place of refuge for many people, a sanctuary from the big wide world outside, somewhere to relax, unwind and spend quality time with their loved ones. It’s for this reason that so many people take a great deal of care in selecting the right furniture, decor, appliances and general layout – a home is a reflection of someone’s taste and personal preferences and for many, it all begins in the bedroom.

The bedroom offers even more personalised space within the wider home, so in a shared abode, people can disappear to their own room for some time to themselves. This is why many people take a great deal of care making their bedroom the star attraction of their home. So where to start?

Well, for that extra special touch of class, you could do a lot worse than bring a little French elegance into the bedroom. Taking centre stage, the iconic French dressing table can take any home to the next level in terms of chic, with a hand-carved antique dressing table with mirror and French stool bringing both function and class to any bedroom.

Naturally, any bedroom needs a bed. To complement the exquisite French dressing table, what better way to lay your head down to rest than with a black antique French bed, with delicate wood carvings and an antique finish?

For the classiest of French bedrooms, you could go all out with a French bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, cheval mirror and console table. The icing on the cake might just be a blanket box, screen and a French mannequin. Now, a mannequin may seem like a step too far for those with more of a leaning towards functionality, but anyone seeking a classic French feel – like something straight from the set of Luis Buñuel’s classic ‘Belle de jour’ – might just want to go that extra step to complete the look.

French bedroom furniture can take many forms, so whether you are a modernist with a penchant for all things contemporary, or have one foot firmly in the 1920s, you will be able to find a style to suit your tastes.

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