Expanding our French Furniture ranges…

With the popularity of our French furniture growing in recent months here at HomesDirect365, we have continued to expand and offer more variety in choice. The advantage of being an online based company means updates are often daily with a constant revolving door of products available, and if you are interested in keeping up to date with new deals, new products, sales, and much more then I would recommend our twitter page or subscribing to our newsletter as your main source of information. For those of you who have been missing out on what is new, take this opportunity now to catch up and read about our latest additions to our French furniture lineup. First up we focus on a completely new range; Bordeaux.

Antique French styling and ornate detail across every inch of this Bordeaux range makes for a visually stunning and beautiful collection. An expansion upon our existing French ranges, the Bordeaux offers a unique colour and attention to detail. Faded and antique ivory brings out the suggestion of rich French history, and keeps it subtle to blend amongst any existing room environment. It’s a site to behold in person and the hand carvings featured on the bed especially are rich and truly impressive. The full bedroom set is available, allowing your enjoyment for French furniture to get as wild as you wish. Wardrobe, bedside, dresser table and bed could transform your whole bedroom into a window of history, at a reasonable price and each individually crafted by hand to the highest quality. The Bordeaux range definitely needs to be seen, and the pace in which it leaves the warehouse speaks to the attraction people are having for this range. Be sure to check back soon for more information!

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