Country Farmhouse…Immensely popular new furniture

In Normandy and the Loire Valley of France, farm silos were often attached to the main living quarters instead of a separate barn. At the end of World War I, the Americans romanticized the traditional French farmhouse, and created a style known as French Normandy. Since then the style has taken a few turns and combines other French styles to find a home under  the phrase; Country Farmhouse.

We here at HomesDirect365 recently added an extensive range of Country Farmhouse furniture and the surge in interest for these pieces has been substantial to say the least. Antique Furniture wouldn’t be true to it’s nature if it didn’t evoke a feeling, take you back through time to a certain period and transform your home into a time capsule of escape, and these pieces of Country Farmhouse furniture hit right at the heart of this idea. The rustic and worn look to the furniture gives it the character equal to those farm houses back in the Loire Valley, and most importantly takes your own home right back in time. A farm with its beauty and relaxing secluded charm can take you right out of the hustle of a modern fast paced lifestyle, and perhaps this is exactly what people are craving for right now. Why not join the proud owners of the Country Farmhouse collection, and see it’s powerful beauty for yourself.

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