Creating the perfect Lounge space…

The lounge is for entertaining and relaxation – and if you want yours to be perfect for both, you need to decorate with care…

French Rouen Bookcase

French Rouen Bookcase

When it comes to versatile rooms in the home, the lounge is one of those at the top. The lounge can function as both a room for rest and respite after a hard day at work, and also as a room in which you entertain guests and enjoy a lively evening of talk, games and wine – which brings to mind two very different decoration styles. For a relaxing and restful room, you might think of light and airy colours that compliment the same type of mood, whereas when it comes to entertaining and evening conversation and drinks, you might think of warmer, darker colours that match the style of evening coming up ahead.

If you want your lounge to be used for both of these functions, it might be hard to reconcile these very different ideas. However, not all is lost – there are a few tricks you can try out to ensure that your room is ideal for both resting and relaxing on a Sunday morning and for partying and having fun the night before!

One of the keys to deciding which type of atmosphere a room will have is lighting. If you want it to appear bright and airy, you should endeavour to have it as lit as possible. This means either having sheer curtains so the light comes in during the day, blinds you can twist depending on how much light you want inside, or thick curtains you can tie back when it’s appropriate. Natural light is obviously only a factor during the daytime, so if you want your room to be relaxing and rejuvenating during the day, getting as much natural light as possible will make a huge difference – even if your wall colour scheme is the warm, darker theme mentioned above. But if you decide to go with lighter wall colouring, you can still create that cosy, warm mood that darker paint would bring – simply by choosing the right lights. Nothing says intimate social encounter quite like candlelight, and if you want your lounge to be excellent for evening soirees, then a candle or two and some well-placed, shaded lamps will help create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

It’s truly that simple – lighting is all you need to make a world of difference to the mood of your lounge. And if you want to go that little bit further in creating the perfect lounge for relaxing and entertaining, why not look into Antique French Lounge Furniture that will have both you and your guests smiling with appreciation?

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