Mirrored Furniture…Making Your Room Seem Bigger

No matter how much you love your home, if there’s something about it that bothers you, it can be hard to ignore. And if that something happens to be a structural issue – such as having rooms that are too small – it can be frustrating as you feel there’s nothing you can do. Well, that’s not necessarily the case – there’s actually plenty you can do! And it doesn’t even involve knocking down any walls… well, unless you really want to!

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture

If your home has a room or several rooms that seem to be too small, there are plenty of tricks that can make them appear larger. One idea is to get more light into the room. Light and brightness have the ability to make rooms appear larger, so if you have a window in the room make the most of it – keep thin veils or blinds on the window so the most natural light gets in. You can also use dynamic, eye-catching curtains to draw the attention to the window and the outside world, which is another trick that gives the illusion of space. Additionally, when it comes to paint and decoration, keep the colouring light and airy, and the furniture minimal. If the floor space is cluttered or minimised thanks to too much bulky furniture, the effect is that the room will appear smaller once more. Another tip which follows on from this is to keep the room clean! As indicated above, too much clutter will make the room look small – and this goes for ‘wall clutter’ too: keep paintings, pictures and wall ornamentation to a minimum.

One thing you can add to your walls, however, is mirrors. Mirrors are a fantastic piece of furniture that have many uses. They can reflect the light from outside and make rooms look brighter, they can be used for personal grooming purposes, and they can even make rooms look bigger! Just as looking out of the window at the world outside makes a person feel as if they are in more spacious an area, so mirrors give off the illusion of space. Just seeing a room reflected in the surface of a mirror tricks the mind into thinking there’s a lot more space than there actually is.

There is a solution to tiny rooms! If you want your small rooms to appear more spacious, simply try out a few of the ideas above, such as painting with light colours or getting some Mirrored Furniture, and see just how much of a difference it makes for you.

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