New Chandeliers!

Antique French Chandeliers

This week here at HomesDirect365 we are giving focus to the vast amount of brand new chandeliers and wall lights added to the website. In recent weeks we’ve had an unfortunate slim selection with some sections of our lighting a little bare, but all that is changing and will continue to change over the next coming weeks as more and more new items are added.

Dating back to the 15th Century when the Chandelier progressed from candle based lighting, it has always been a stunning centre piece with its ornate features and beautiful design work. Due to the expensive cost of running night time light in those early days Chandeliers however were seen as a sign of luxury and upper class, and not until the 19th century with the introduction of gas did they become a little more accessible.

There still remains a certain elegance and regal quality to well crafted antique chandeliers, and we have on offer a great selection to accommodate all… from affordable pieces to bring together the look of a room, to extremely high quality and hand crafted crystal pieces. Be sure to take a look, and keep checking back for more!

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