Stunning Mirrored Furniture at HomesDirect365

Mirrored Furniture

With our new subscribers increasing each week here at HomesDirect365 we wanted to take some time to familiarise our newer customers with some of the original pillars that make up our matching range foundation. We’ve focused a lot these past weeks on the fantastic new additions we’ve made to the website, so this week we shall revisit one of the most popular ranges we have available; mirrored furniture.

Venice would be one of the first locations where successfully experimenting with mirrored furniture pieces would take place, so much so that to this day Venetian furniture is still one of the most popular and it is this style which we incorporate into our own pieces. Their creativity and ingenuity would produce fantastic pieces encompassing floral etching and unique patterns all heavily influenced by the art-deco movement. Venice at this time became the Mecca of mirrored furniture but gradually over the following centuries many craftsmen left, taking their ideas with them to France and England and the rest of Europe.

The impact of these first designs and experimenting with glass in furniture has lasted centuries, and this durability and longevity in popularity is the key to what still makes it one of our most sought after ranges. Be sure to treat yourself to at least taking a closer look at some mirrored furniture, even one piece is enough to transform a room creating illusion of more space and elegance.

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