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In recent weeks our selection of bathroom vanity units here at HomesDirect365 has expanded to include a lot more variety in the use of colour and design. For those of you out there looking to add class and style to your bathroom with antique French decor, we wanted to accommodate a wide variety of taste with silver, black and white finish available as well as ornate iron units. Not to mention the vast amount of accessories we also have available alongside to accentuate, such as bathroom mirrors, towel racks, and much more.

Choosing a design style for your bathroom can be difficult. Since the ‘age of cleanliness’ when bathrooms first began with the invention of the toilet and bath in 3000BC, there have since been extensive changes in style and function. Roman baths to heated towel rails, the bathroom has seen a lot of variety as an essential part of our day to day living.

To choose a contemporary modern style allows for freedom in decoration choice, allowing you to tailor the overall look of the bathroom with the modern style of the unit. They are often sleek and will match modern appliances and accessories very well. However, to choose antique is valued aesthetically as with care they will last generations and have taken inspiration from hundreds of years of previous design giving unmatched character and history. They are grand and elaborate, hand painted and crafted with elegant wood panels and finished with stunning marble tops and ornate taps that will stand against the rigors of a bathroom environment.

Space is also another consideration, especially for larger families. If you are considering making the switch from a sink to a vanity unit, perhaps consider the double sink variety which allows much more space for children to use. Whichever you decide is best for you, we can guarantee you will be impressed with beautiful selection of vanity units we have available.

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