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Antique French Wardrobe

Over the past week or so we’ve been adding in a lot of new antique French pieces to various categories of our website here at The first of which that we want to showcase to you here are the magnificent new wardrobes we have available for order, and at great discount from the RRP.

The wardrobe, also known as the armoire from the French, began as a regal and high class object that could only be found in castles and palaces around the 17th and 18th century. Thankfully the ability to safely store and hang garments and clothes has expanded to a feature that now appears in every bedroom. It’s a vital piece of furniture and with it being such a large focal point of the room we know that it’s important to choose a design that is right for you and your decor.

The wardrobes we have added this week are taken from a variety of inspiration and design. We have the traditional French armoire with its ornate features that exudes beautiful history. We have a selection of different wardrobe door designs, from mirrored to mesh to hand carved mahogany. We also have every size you could desire, from a small 1 door to our very popular 4 door La Rochelle wardrobe that really has to be seen in person for its grand and stunning hand carved qualities to be fully appreciated.

Make sure you take a browse, and if its the Victorian wardrobe that takes your fancy be sure to take advantage of the ongoing newsletter exclusive discount code for the Victorian Collection that was sent out earlier in the week. That will expire on this upcoming Monday so make sure to get your orders in!

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