Unbelievable Lighting Available at HomesDirect365…

Unbelievable Lighting

With the invention and patent of the filament light bulb towards the turn of the 20th Century it opened the door for a whole host of fixtures and lighting that could expand from there, and indeed for the last 100+ years it has done so considerably. This is the focus of our newsletter this week here at HomesDirect365, as that expansion and evolution of the household light is clearly visible in our vast selection of lighting available. Now we begin to see LED’s and fluorescent lamps taking over the reigns from the light bulb, it’s giving many more possibilities for the future.

We currently have over 1,000 different lighting varieties listed on our website, including the extremely popular traditional chandeliers that with their presence will undoubtedly bring regal and elegant qualities to your hall space. For those that are lacking the ceiling height however for a chandelier, we have a great selection of antique French wall lights that can still bring those ornate features to your decor and raise the elegance of a room with that small simple addition.

Our array of lamps is where we can really start to tailor to individual unique taste. There is such a strong selection there of different colours, styles, shapes, and sizes that whichever requirements you have to style and light your various rooms around your home there is bound to be lamps in there that suit your needs. Candelabras, lantern lighting, desk lamps, there’s so many varieties in there its hard to cover them all here…Make sure you have a browse and grab yourself some heavily discounted lighting!

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