Beautiful Brand New Tiffany Lamps at HomesDirect365…

Tiffany Lamp

The brand new additions continue this week at HomesDirect365! For those who may have missed the newsletter earlier in the week we were showcasing the gorgeous new Argente Mirrored collection which we feel over the coming weeks and months will be a very popular seller leading to Christmas.

Today’s focus however is on the fantastic new Tiffany Lamps we have updated the website with. We have a whole section dedicated to Tiffany Lamps because we have such an extensive selection of them available now.

The first Tiffany Lamp was created around 1895, designed by Clara Driscoll and not American artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany as was thought for over 100 years. They both however along with the beautiful glass stained lamps became an integral part of the Art Nouveau movement, translated from French to mean ‘new art’.

One aspect of the Tiffany Lamp creation in those early days over a century ago that relates very closely to our own philosophy here today, is that every individual lamp was handmade by skilled craftsmen rather than mass produced machine made. There is great skill and detail involved in creating a Tiffany Lamp, they go beyond the aesthetics and function of a regular lamp to become something special. Be sure to take a good look through our Tiffany Lamp section!

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