Achieving The Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom, essentially, should be a quiet place, a calming oasis where tranquil moments by yourself or with a loved one are savored. It’s there, after all, where you drift off night after night, to recharge from life’s everyday stresses. Working on the premise that we spend as much as a third of our lives in slumber, shouldn’t the sleep zone be lavished to the max? A hugely popular aesthetic look, is the antique French or shabby chic bedroom setting, so read on for that perfect bedroom look…

Antique French Bedroom Furniture… why antique French… Elegance, beauty, sophistication and charm, are but of a few of the words associated with the classic antique French style furniture. Sound good? well antique French furniture includes some of the most sophisticated furniture that has ever been produced, from exquisite Baroque style to the elegant Rococo style. Every piece features strong history within the design and some of the most prominent and luxurious hand carved detailing’s around.

So is your bedroom living space up to scratch? Look around; are you ensconced in the adjectives used above?  Or…  is your sleep zone falling apart at the seams becoming slightly dull and boring? Come on… if you want to feel indulged and have that perfect bedroom look, it’s time to start dreaming… or is it…

With the famous La Rochelle collection of furniture featured above, that dream bedroom can become reality!

Every aspect hand carved from long lasting high quality mahogany, and completed in either a stunning antique white finish, antique silver finish or a luxurious satin black finish. As one of the most popular and sought after ranges, the La Rochelle collection ensures elegance and the utmost quality, displaying smooth curves with intricate ornate design allowing you to achieve that perfect French boudoir feel.

Our exciting and full collection of bedroom furniture can be found right here. After more information? Simply give our friendly and expert sales team a call on 01642 455589.

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