The word ‘chandelier’ is instantly synonymous with class, elegance and style. Ornate historic hanging lights that are as much about aesthetics as they are practicality.

Originating in France, the word chandelier is derived from “chandelle” simply meaning candle holder, which prior to the 16th century was simply a wooden cross consisting of a small spike at the end containing candles as the only form of light. During the 16th century and onwards, chandeliers gradually become a status decoration, generally appearing in the more wealthier households.

As time progressed in tandum with housing quality, chandeliers began to become a lighting/decoration option for the working class. While wealthier homes boasted ornately detailed and crafted chandeliers of brass, the more common households used wood, iron, and tin sheet for their chandeliers. As artisans began to experiment with light refraction, chandeliers made from mirrors, brass decorative plates and quartz crystals started to emerge. Giving you an unlimited selection of affordable yet extensively decorated lighting that is now available today.

For those seeking a quality chandalier the choice is vast, would you go for modern Cut glass chandeliers? Antique French chandeliers?, what ever you are after, we at Homesdirect365 have a huge variety of lighting options available to match your desired style and help create the perfect setting, brightening up any room of your choice. From Antique white to clear crystal and acrylic, be sure to have a through browse at our extensive range of antique French and shabby chic lighting.

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