Venetian Mirrored Furniture…

Venetian Mirrored Furniture…

Light up your bedroom today!

The bedroom is the ultimate place to relax – a safe haven from the world where you can unwind and get a
true good night’s sleep. It’s important that it is dark at night but gets plenty of light in the mornings and
throughout the day, so if your bedroom is always a bit dark, consider investing in some mirrored bedroom
furniture to add a little extra light. Venetian mirrored furniture adds a contemporary feel to any room,
and it can also help to create a feeling of extra space in even the smallest of rooms or apartments.

As standard, mirrored furniture is Italian in its roots. However, in the 17th century, many of its
citizens left the country and migrated to France where the style began to gain popularity. Therefore
in keeping with this tradition we have out two distinct styles: Italian, and French.

Our Italian range is also broken down further into Rimini, Florence, and Romano due to the sheer
amount of styles coming from all these parts of Italy. This mirrored bedroom furniture range is the
ultimate choice for anybody who’s even the slightest bit interested in the light designs, and for
people who want to bring out, and accentuate the features their bedroom may already have.

Where to start?

It’s a good idea to start with just one or two small pieces of mirrored furniture and gradually add to it
from there,rather than instantly filling your whole home with mirrored pieces, which could be overwhelming!
A mirrored dresser in the bedroom and mirrored coffee table in the lounge can add style and brightness
without being too much.

View our full collection here and start lighting up your home right now!

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