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Tiny spaces, grand shabby chic style
Be bold and live modestly. Small living spaces used to be for the poor. A Rococo era French aristocrat
would never have dreamt of decking out the butler’s house in frilly fancy gold. The times have changed
though, small spaces and eco living are all the rage. Adding a splash of chic with a touch of rustic is a
recipe for small living success. A grandiose mirror can open up even the smallest space. It’s all about
living big but leaving a small footprint. How do you do it? Here are some little recommendations to
inspire big ideas.

Keep those tighty whities washed and varnished

White is bright, and bright feels big in a small space. White is also a neutral tone, go monochromatic and
keep your living spaces in line with a single, pleasing colour scheme. Set yourself up for a year round
mood that’s inviting and easy on the eye. Antique and use rustic furniture to give your house just the
right about of shabby to balance out the white chic.

Artful reflections

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most environmentally friendly of them all? Leave a smaller
footprint and make a bigger statement. Shabby chic is all about recycling and repurposing old furniture
to create a new style that’s on trend. Create the illusion of space with a chic mirror to adorn your
bedroom wall. By reflecting light into dark corners you’ll open up the room.


Small spaces with many things makes for smaller spaces that feel cluttered. Run what you can over to
the charity shop – when you live small, less is more. Buy a book on Zen decorating and create your own
design fusion; Japanese simplicity meets French fancy frills.
Live small, decorate big. Keep small spaces light and bright. Break the mold with Shabby chic to create a
style that has a lot to say about its environment.

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