The Colours Of French Country Design | HomesDirect 365

The Colours Of French Country Design | HomesDirect 365

When decorating your home in the French country style, it’s best if you choose paint colours
that will most authentically represent this design. French country can be anything from flag-
inspired to seaside colours, themes or neutrals. Depending on your personal style and which
French country look you are trying to achieve, each of these colour palettes offer something

For a design that is pulled from the colours of the French flag, you will use red, white and blue.
But don’t go for bold, choose subtle hues such as aqua, lavender, cornflower, midnight blue or
blue grey. For reds you’ll want something similar to cherry, pomegranate, strawberry, peach,
raspberry or tomato. And for white, just anything soft and antique looking such as milky, ivory,
cream, light grey, stone or taupe.

When you’re ready to paint and transform your space, keep the upper part of the wall in
shades of grey or white, with natural-looking woodwork and details white or light cream. When
painting the lower part of the wall, use a greyish red or a discoloured chalky blue that is darker
than the upper section.

This look usually looks best when one colour dominates against a white or grey wall. Decide on
a red or blue for the dominant colour. After choosing your dominant colour, use different
shades and hues to create more depth.

For a seaside/shabby chic look you’ll want to use hues of greens and blue. Keep to natural
woods with these colours to add some warmth if you wish. For a cool look, leave out the wood
and paint the surfaces and walls white instead.

These colours will pair well with brick, terracotta, cement and natural wood. Use lots of antique
white-coloured items and linen and lace.

Contemporary French country decorating is all about neutrals. Walls are usually left unpainted
and combined with linen, cotton and twill in solid colours. With this look you can include more
patterned fabrics such as checks and stripes in French country colours. Throw in some Louis
chairs, they work well with this contemporary style.

There are many different designs of French country and you can choose from our range of
French inspired furniture to style your home. Choose from our natural wood bedroom
or for a more shabby chic approach, our white and ivory furnishings will do the trick.

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