Creating a Shabby Chic French Boudoir

Creating a Shabby Chic French Boudoir


Shabby chic furniture and décor is known to be romantic with its combination of comfort and

serenity. With touches of crown mouldings, natural finishes, expensive and fine furnishings,
florals and light and airy colour palettes, recreating a bedroom in this design is simple to do,
even on a budget.

First, choose a colour scheme that suits your taste and the overall design of the space. A great
colour scheme to begin with is one that emphasises pastels such as pink, yellow, blue, green,
creams and even grey. Paint the walls a light shade or focus on an accent wall. If you are renting
a flat, find some easy and temporary floral wall decals for that touch of shabby chic.

Hanging sheer white curtains will enhance the French boudoir vibe. Keep them long and
bunched on the floor. These will keep your space feeling bright during those cold, winter

If your floors are made from natural wood, keep them bare and distressed if possible. Add a rug
that coordinates with your colour scheme. Whether its shabby chic pastels or French country

Give your space that extra bit of shabby chic flare with a crystal chandelier. It provides ample
lighting and adds a touch of elegance and luxury.

This particular style works with a collection of eclectic furniture. We offer our French style
furniture and shabby chic-inspired furniture in multiple colours from natural to grey. Take your
pick. Our wide selection of shabby chic beds gives you the opportunity to choose the one that’s
right for you and your personal design style.

When it comes to bedding, opt for fluffy and loose bedding of a palette of natural creams and
whites with a variety of different pillows that you can sink into after a long, cold day.
Following these simple steps will assist you in creating a romantic and shabby chic boudoir. Visit
our Shabby Chic page and get started on the redecorating process.

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