Lighting Up Your Space

Lighting Up Your Space

There are three basic types of lighting to choose from and this decision should not be taken….
lightly. The lighting in your room sets the mood and tone and may even determine the function
of the space. Do you want the ambiance to be warm and comfortable? Or does it need to be
bright and purposeful? A good lighting plan combines all three types of lighting to illuminate an
area according to style and function.

The first type of lighting is general lighting or otherwise known as ambient lighting. This type of
lighting is what you will see most of in homes as it radiates a comfortable level of brightness
without being too much and still allowing you to see and work about safely and effectively. In
certain rooms such as offices, laundry rooms and kitchens, this type of lighting can serve as task

You can complement this lighting with chandeliers, ceiling mounts, track lights and other
mounted lighting on walls. This is considered the central source of lighting and it’s fundamental
to a good lighting plan.

The second type of lighting is task lighting. This type is used for exactly what it says, tasks. This
lighting helps you perform activities such as reading, grooming, cooking, hobbies, homework,
games, work and others. It’s usually provided by recessed, pendant lighting, track lighting and
under cabinet lighting (mostly in kitchens), as well as floor lamps and desk lamps.

The final type of lighting is accent lighting. This type adds drama to the space by creating visual
interest. It’s used to draw the eye to features or décor such as houseplants, paintings,
sculptures and anything else you wish to draw focus to. It can be used to highlight the texture
of a wall such as brick or stone or window treatments.

For accent lighting to be effective, it requires at least three times as much light on the focal
point as the general light surrounding it. It is usually provided by recessed and track lighting or
wall-mounted lights.

If you are looking for lighting to add to your ambient light, HomesDirect 365 offers a range of
French Lighting including crystal chandeliers, sconces, lanterns, floorstanding lamps,
candelabras and more. Check out our lighting section for something that will set the mood you
are looking for and will complement your style.

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