Shabby Wall, Chic Paper

From warm rustic walls to minimalist modern tones, shabby chic designs can be styled to
accommodate many interior tastes. Homesdirect365 has a large selection of bedroom
collections and mirrored furniture to adorn any living space. French chairs are perfect for
seating guests but can also be used to add a touch of sophistication to the bedroom.
Choose from a range of colour schemes; shabby chic lends itself well to countless colours from
bold and contrasting to neutral soft pastels. The look of any living space can change with the
seasons when a room is designed with accents to match a desired feel.
Rather than repaint your walls, why not choose a stunning wallpaper that will help your
furniture to stand out? From the neutral to the lush and loud here are some suggestions on
how to spruce up your walls for a shabby chic look you’ll love all year round.

Neutral is a natural choice

Neutral wallpapers are simple and bright, touch on colours and match a wide selection of
décor. A neutral wallpaper might have flowery flourishes, be based in white or taupe and can
be easily applied to any number of living spaces. Look for pink flowers or a simple white
pattern. Neutral wallpapers are perfect for letting a room breathe.

Catchy colours

While we recommend you touch lightly on specific colour schemes, bold colours can enhance
shabby chic’s witty stylings. Neutral wallpapers tend to come in a variety of pastel hues, but
certain patterns look gallant in a single colour. If pink flowers are a strong pattern you’ll get a
generally pink feel – but if you’re feeling brave choose pink paper and brighten up those rococo
frills for a bold look.

Down to earth

Shabby chic furniture can be ornate. Tone down the décor with rustic wooden panels. Choose a
wall and line it up with leftover panels. Different cuts and colours only enhance the rustic
beauty of your living space.
Wallpapers give you the freedom to choose, be it French country or modern and marvellous.
Touch on a balance of tones from neutral flowers to rustic beauty for sensational shabby chic

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