21st Century Drawing Rooms for Shabby Chic Homes

21st Century Drawing Rooms for Shabby Chic Homes

The phrase “drawing room” dates back to the 18th century. After being well fed, ladies and
gents would “withdraw” to an open and comfortable setting suitable for after-dinner
socialising. It’s generally the part of the house where visitors may be entertained and generally
the part of the house that is most furnished.

The 18th century drawing rooms held the same pieces as you would find today in a French-
inspired space. The classic, modern-day lounging area has some essential pieces that you will
need for your shabby chic drawing room. These pieces will give you a historical touch but with
modernised furniture and materials that represent class and sophistication.

Recreating an 18th century drawing room can take some work. You will need to focus on
detailed porcelain, ornate mirrors and other classic pieces. Look for these pieces when planning
for your space:
 Chaise lounge
 Armchair
 Sofa
 Bench
 Louis chairs
 Sofa chaise
 Stools
 Hall table
 Desk lamps
 Floor lamps
 Mantle mirror
 End table
 Bench seat
You’ll notice that the main point to focus on is seating. This is the room where people would
lounge after dinner and indulge in card playing, smoking, drinking and overall gossip.
Purchasing these items in the French style with a touch of shabby chic, can give you the right
look for your 21st century take on the classic drawing room.

So just remember to place importance on socialising; have strategic seating throughout the
room, so that guests facing each other for easy conversation. Near the seating are you should
place tables for half-filled glasses and packs of cards, as well as elegant lampshades and
hardback books.

Antiques can be expensive but here at HomesDirect 365, we offer a wide variety of drawing
room furniture to suit your taste and add some of that shabby chic flare.

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