Modern Homes with a Touch of Rococo

The Rococo style has been known to have some whimsical features to its design. If you are in
the middle of transforming your home, a modern feel with a touch of Rococo could be the
perfect combination to make that change you’ve been looking for.

Adding dashes of French-inspired furniture could take a cold and modern area to a welcoming
and warm place. A few tweaks here and there will have you relaxing in a space from the late
Baroque period.

During this period rooms were designed to avoid right angles and strong lines, so more often
than not you would get oval and round settings. Rooms and furniture were defined by C- and S-
curves. Usually you could find these designs in wall and ceiling decorations such a crown
moulding, mirrors and paintings.

During this time seating was being designed with comfort and intimacy in mind. They were
made with cushions, encouraging conversation and adding sophistication with its intricate

Traditional Rococo-style colours included yellow, pink, azure blue, ivory and cream. Combine
these colours with gold for the ultimate Rococo design. Use what colours best suit your
personal style.

When transforming your already modern room think about small and simple ways to bring this
period into current space. For small steps, start with a decorative mirror. A gold or white mirror
will bring the French style and your space will feel larger.

For a big step, go bold with furniture. Any piece of furniture of the French design will add class
and elegance to your room.

Placing Louis chairs and stools will increase the amount of seating as well as add a bit of style
and the taste you were looking for. Fortunately, furniture of today’s style incorporates many of
the French styles such as tufted sofas.

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge when it comes to the Rococo styling. Start by adding a bit at
a time and transform your modern space into something with a bit of history.

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