Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

What’s the most important room in your home? For many, it’s the place we rest our aching body after a
hard day’s work. Sleep helps us perform, so the bedroom should definitely take top spot on your list of
essential spaces. A good bedroom design prioritises comfort, this is in one part achieved by investing in
a good bed, but a colour plan – the physical materials used like carpeting, and even how much light and
noise are let in – also play essential roles in creating a restful space.

Why does shabby chic furniture lend itself so beautifully to the bedroom? It’s light, simple yet cool,
while ornate stylings can make you feel like royalty beneath your own sheets. Here’s some of the
furniture that will have you in bed early for a luxurious dose of shut-eye.

Upholstered Gold Leaf Baroque Antique French Style Bed

If you want the royal treatment, start with the bed. This ornate Baroque style bed will have you sleeping
in lavish style. The Baroque was a time of careful crafted ornamental spaces that called on a
romanticized ideal of the Greek and Roman empires.

Teak Antique French Style Dressing Table Set

As a Rococo baroness, the dressing table was an essential part of your everyday beauty prep. While
many of us use our bathroom mirror these days, a sense of occasion comes from having beautifully
crafted mirrored furniture. Too much gold can overwhelm a space, but this wooden dressing table set
adds earthy tones to your bedroom while keeping an air of sophistication through its luxuriously carved

Brittany Shabby Chic Wardrobe

Not everything shabby chic has to be ornate or a 17th century revision. This simple northern French style
wardrobe is very tasteful and can stand on its own as a rustic country addition to your bedroom. The
neutral off-white finish easily blends with shabby chic’s pastel tones, and the basic form allows for a
number of repurposed ornate items to adorn the room without making the space feel clustered.

The bedroom is the first and last place we spend our day. Just as with a brilliant movie, the beginning
and end tend to be the things we remember the longest, and the final sentiment is the emotion we hold
on to. Treat yourself to an incredible night’s sleep in a bedroom replete with the charms of gorgeous
shabby chic furniture that’s designed to carry you through in comfort and luxury. You’ll be sure to wake
up on the right side of bed every day.

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