Organising Small Spaces with Shabby Chic Furniture

Organising Small Spaces with Shabby Chic Furniture

Unless you have your own personal Mary Poppins making the tidying-up seem fun, odds are
you have at least a few things littering your living space. In a small house or apartment,
though, the clutter can seem to take over. Here are some tips on beautifully organising
within a few square metres.

When looking to rearrange a room, consider where your functional space is and where it
should be. Hooks are great, but if they’re in the middle of a wall that could otherwise be
holding shelving or an armoire, you’re losing space. The same goes for mirrors, which can go
on the back of a door instead of a wall. In a small room with a closet, consider removing the
closet door and putting up opaque curtains over the opening. You can gain precious inches
around and in front of the closet by not having to allow for the radius of a door. Choose a
fabric that will disappear against the wall colour to make the room appear a bit larger.

Storage that doubles as seating is ideal, and our antique French–style storage bench is the
perfect addition to the foot of the bed. Its trim design and raw-linen colour make it easy to
incorporate into almost any colour scheme, while its lightly textured fabric and brass-stud
detailing lend it style. This functional gem pairs well with rustic and shabby chic furniture for
a matched look or with contemporary items to add an organic feel to some hard edges.

Keeping the lines clean in a small room is key to maximising both visual and physical space,
so use color, not shape, to make things interesting and get the most out of your shabby chic

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