The Case For Customising

Bespoke and Shabby Chic Furniture

A vision for the look of your home can be accompanied by the frustration of trying to find
exactly the right furniture. The more particular the need – storage for a tiny hallway or an
awkward corner – the greater the potential dilemmas. It could be time to consider a piece or
two of bespoke furniture. Here are a few common problems that made-to-order pieces can

Working with Heirlooms

As much as we love them, common family heirlooms such as armoires or sideboards can
dominate, determining the direction of a whole room. Customising allows you to design around
these pieces to create a harmonious look. Even something as simple as reproducing that
armoire’s finish on a few end tables can bring unity and keep items from competing with one
another. Not having a mish-mash design scheme also means that you will have an easier time
adding colour to walls and small accessories.

Arranging the Home Office
With today’s mass of cables and devices, an office can be a challenge to decorate elegantly.
Contemporary furniture is being designed to accommodate more of our electronics, but often
without sufficient space for a computer and printer, work area and papers. A custom desk is the
answer to a cluttered office.

Tidying a Small or Awkward Space

Entryways are one of the greatest challenges. Schoolbags and laptop cases often have no place
to call home because standard storage benches are often just too big and shelves are too
narrow. If you’ve ever thought, “I wish we had someplace to hide these items near the
doorway,” you should definitely consider a customised storage solution.
Our designers can modify anything from our current collection or build from the ground up. Get
inspired by browsing our broad selection of furniture in styles from contemporary to shabby
chic furniture, or bring your ideas to us. We will work you with to create an elegant piece that
suits your needs and sensibilities.

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