The Modern Shabby Chic Design

Typically, shabby chic design is all about antique furniture and vintage collectibles and an
overall eclectic vibe. But with the right tips and design ideas, you can keep your modern style
while adding some shabby chic into the mix. The great part about the shabby chic style is that
it’s endlessly flexible and leaves you open to more design ideas.

A new area of shabby chic interior decorating integrates modern elements with distressed
pieces. It can often soften the appearance of modern architecture, which can be cold. Here are
5 ways to take your modern home and add some shabby chic-ness.

1. Keep it warm and white. White is very popular when it comes to modern design and
architecture. Keep it simple with a warm shade of white for paint and fabrics. Add
pillows of check or stripes for that geometric, modern style but with a touch of French

2. Add grey. Grey has become the go-to neutral for many styles. If your home has a lot of
dark colours, adding fog or pebble grey can brighten it up. Light grey paired with rose
pink, buttercup yellow or gold will keep your spaces modern and simple while adding
subtle shabby chic touches.

3. Add natural elements. Nature provides the best accessories when it comes to shabby
chic. Shells, ocean glass, acorns, pinecones or succulent plants are shabby chic but blend
well with modern décor. With these pieces, you can add texture and shading and most
of it you can find for a bargain.

4. Pick a tartan. Tartan patterns are very popular when it comes to shabby chic, French
Country design. The pattern can help balance overstuffed cushions, lace and feminine

5. Integrate clean lines with distressed pieces. Comfortable ottomans and oversized
chairs are inviting but they also help balance the appearance of weathered furniture and
other hard furnishings. For something a little more modern, add some furniture with
clean, hard lines.

Shabby chic doesn’t have to be all about vintage finds or distressed furniture. You can easily
incorporate its elements into your modern home by simply creating an accent wall with mint
green, by freshening things up elsewhere with light greys and other soft tones, or by using clean
lines with weathered pieces. Whatever your preference, we at Homesdirect365 have what you
are looking for.

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