Your Very Own Shabby Chic She-Shed


Just as men can have their own “Man Cave”, women have created their equivalent with the
“she-shed”. The she-shed is designed to give the woman of the house a place of her own, and
there are many stunning examples of how a little imagination (and no little conviction) can help
create a wonderful new garden feature.

You might use it as a summer retreat, where you can get lost in a good book, or perhaps as a
greenhouse for growing fruits and flowers all year round. Shabby chic she-sheds in particular
can lift an entire garden, they give us the opportunity to get really creative, providing an
attractive space for relaxing activities and pastimes.

To create that serene shabby chic space, consider these ideas and tips and you’ll soon be able
to have the perfect place for your well-deserved alone time.

1. Take ownership the garden shed or build a new one. This is the perfect opportunity to
clean out that cluttered shed. Rather than allow it to be a graveyard for unused tools
and furniture, go through it all, be prepared to throw a lot of junk out, and create a
space you can really make use of.

2. Give it a fresh coat of paint. After the rain, snow and sunshine, your garden shed could
probably use a fresh coat of paint. For that shabby chic vibe, go with a cornflower blue,
rose pink, mint green or buttercup yellow. These are perfect colours for the garden and
will instantly turn your she-shed into a shabby chic paradise. For extra points, go ahead
and weather the wood using sandpaper.

3. Define the purpose of your she-shed. The whole point of this garden shed is to create a
quiet space for yourself, whether it’s to embrace a hobby, or to use it as a much-needed
retreat. Turn it into a craft space, a gardening interior or add a big, comfy chair and floor
lamp for a nice reading nook.

4. Antique finds. Give your space some personality. Rather than hunting around for costly
antiques, we have what you are looking for to complete your she-shed, from shabby
chic sofas to display cabinets.

5. Surround yourself with nature. Nothing says shabby chic like wildflowers. Fragrant,
colourful flowers, such as wild carrot, masterwort, and nigella make for a gorgeous mix.

6. Make sure it reflects your personality. Add those special finishing touches that reflect
you are. Make it your own with family photos, paintings, books and crockery – whatever
is true to you.

A space to call your own might be just the ticket. Take that old garden shed and give it a shabby
chic design makeover. Slap on a fresh coat of paint, add some personal touches and you’ve got
yourself your very own she-shed!

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