Sophia: The Ultimate Shabby Chic Collection

If you love the look of shabby chic furniture, you’ll love the Sophia Collection. It provides the
perfect foundation for a total room makeover. Elements in this collection have strong but
clean lines. The heavy frames are offset by classic brushed steel in the drawer pulls and
other fixtures.

Let’s start with the dressing table. We are constantly being told we need to adopt
mindfulness practices or meditation or some such other thing that is bound to take up time
in a busy day. It’s a noble goal, so what if you could get ready in the morning at a civilised
dressing table, rather than standing up in the bathroom or, worse, in the car or at your
desk? Take a few moments to collect yourself at the start of the day.

The rest of the bedroom will be beautifully taken care of in this set – from the bed and
bedside tables to the dresser and cheval mirror.

But what’s really fantastic about this design is how flexible some of the key pieces are. The
blanket box would look great paired with the bed, but it would also work well in an entry
way as a basic but stylish piece for hiding the clutter that can collect during the workweek.
The elegant tallboy dresser would also look fantastic as an entryway piece or in the
bathroom. Its looks are matched by its usefulness, with four roomy drawers. At 50 by 36
centimetres around, the top offers enough space for either display or handy storage for the
post or papers. A saturated accent wall in red or teal would look fantastic behind this piece.

The Sophia Collection is a dream for any fan of shabby chic furniture.
White shabby chic tallboy dresser.

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