Chairs, Don’t Take Shabby Chic Design Sitting Down

Chairs are for sitting, and that’s a pretty good thing when you realise that’s how we sedentary
modern humans spend most of our time: on our behinds. We sit at the office (most people
don’t actually stand at their desk), we sit down to a meal, and we plot ourselves on the sofa at
the end of a long day’s work.

Globally, we sit an average of 7.7 hours a day, some of the more sofa-prone among us will sit
double that time. Chairs are an item so commonplace that unless you’re decorating your house
you’re probably to not going to pay chairs much notice.

If you are undertaking a major shabby chic remodelling, seating arrangements are essential in
keeping with a theme. Beside comfort you’re going to want to think about style, colour and
finish. Here are a few quick decorating tips to help you choose the best chairs for your living

Grand designs

Rococo chairs might have been designed to be more comfortable than their Baroque
predecessors, but both styles were extremely ornate. If you’re going to place an 18 th century
masterpiece, or replica thereof in your living room you’re going to want to showcase it. Be sure
to give it enough space to stand out on its own. You might have found an incredible set of
antique chairs, but if the designs don’t match, don’t overcrowd the room. You want each chair
to add its own unique style to a space.

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Colour codes

Shabby chic style gives you the freedom to decorate to your hearts content, if you fancy Rococo
in bright pink – go for it. What’s important here is to think about the overall effect you’re trying
to create. A little colour in an all-white space can liven up the room, but if you’re looking for a
certain level of authenticity and old world charm you’re going to want to stick to deep earth
tones or toned down pastel hues.

Finish line

Browse shabby chic furniture on Pinterest and you can be forgiven for wanting to distress every
piece of furniture in the house. Some items look better distressed if you’re trying to create
rustic charm in a French country dining room, but you don’t want to go overboard. Go ahead
and apply antique paint to the dining table, but keep the shelves in your display cabinet simple
and clean to give your space enough variety.

Chairs are for sitting, but in the home chairs can be a stand-alone item used to enhance your
shabby chic living spaces. Be sure to allow your furniture the best space, colour and finish to
contribute to the decorative theme you’re trying to create.

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