Seeing Yourself in Your Home With Mirrored Furniture

There is a grand history of mirrored furniture in European design that stretches back to the
expert craftsmanship of the Venetians. Here’s a look at why we love mirrored so much in
today’s contemporary settings.

A Natural Light Display

We’re always looking for ways to more easily bridge the gap between outdoors and in.
Especially during the darker months, or simply on overcast days, we benefit from as much
natural light entering the home as possible. If you look around home, you’ll probably notice
that most of your furnishings and belongings are really efficient at absorbing sunlight. With
mirrored furniture in your home, however, we get to bounce around all the available light,
lifting the atmosphere and brightening the home no end.

Expanding Space

If you’ve ever walked by a glass table you’ve probably noticed how it deflects attention from
itself and onto the surrounding objects and scenery. Glass furniture optimises space by
shrinking itself and expanding our much-loved ornamental additions, such as vases and
flowers, statuettes and photo frames. In our collection of mirrored furniture you’ll see
classic, practical pieces that offer a bit of fun, sparkle and a whole lot of space and colour.


History of Opulence

Designers in Venice were the first ones to bring mirrored furniture to the fashion world. The
singular ability of Venetians to create sumptuous mirrored pieces replete with attractive
etchings, patterns and forms left an indelible impression on Europe’s furniture designers
and makers. Today, artfully adding a mirrored piece to your bedroom or dining room
expresses your natural flair, boldness and love of design.

If you would like to discover more about mirrored furniture for your home, contact us today
and the friendly Homes Direct 365 team will be happy to listen, help and advise.

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