Shabby Chic Versatility in Three Pieces

My mum always stresses about buying new furniture. She’s not concerned with the cost as
much as how the piece will fit in with its new surroundings. Her house has a bit of an
eclectic feel – blue carpet in the living room, large grey tiles in the front room, hardwood in
the dining room. Finding an article of furniture that’s just right can take months of catalogue
flipping and mental visualisation.

Shabby chic furnishings, though, fit seamlessly with any style. Here are some pieces that will
put an end to the catalogue flipping days of the most fastidious of us.

Montpellier Antique French Style Bed
This elegant mindi wood piece has the subtle curves of a royal chamber without all the
pomp. Its refined details are stately not showy, and its charming design is simple yet eye-
catching. And if you like this piece, you should take a look at other bedroom pieces from our
Monpellier range, such as our Monpollier chests of drawers, Monpollier 2-door wardrobe,
and Monpollier bedside table.












Antique French Style Dining Table Set
This dining set’s simple romantic charm make it highly adaptable to all kinds of interiors. The
natural mindi wood tones are at once light and airy, and solid and comforting. These
handcrafted favourites are practical, smart, and will make for an excellent centrepiece to
your dining room.

Mahogany Antique French Style Round Table
Perfect for a large hallway or living room. This attractive stand can occupy a corner that is
exposed to some natural light for an elegant vase and flowers, or by some seating where it
may be used for some of your magazine collection or perhaps a landline telephone. A classic
piece that can add an extra degree of refinement to your home.

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