A Mixed-Up Shabby Chic World

If you are someone who likes to mix styles, a foundation of shabby chic furniture can work wonders from the start. From there you can bust out while following a few rules that will keep everything in balance. We have the perfect essential building blocks to create a decor that is all your own.

Watch the scale
Think of the room as a scale on which you’re balancing items of different sizes – you don’t want anything to tilt the room too heavily to one side. A small or delicate item might be smothered if it’s in close proximity to a giant armoire or sideboard. Balance it out visually by putting that delicate chair with a table and a couch across from the large armoire or by keeping items at roughly the same visual weight.

The Remi bed from the Homes Direct 365 shabby chic furniture collection by the same name starts everything out right, with its classic, simple lines. You could throw in a lot of quirky details, prints, styles and the pieces in the Remi collection will handle it all with grace.

Shabby chic bedroom furniture collection
Remi bed, shown above

Cleanse the palette
One way to make items of different styles work together is by sticking strictly to a limited palette. Unify a variety of vintage chairs by painting them all the same colour and choose one or two other colours to build the room around. If you simply must have that zebra patterned rug in the living room, then stick to shades of black and white and one “kicker” colour in there. This third colour can also serve as a unifying element. Draw it through pillows, a rug, or other accessories.

Let the generations mingle
Don’t use one half of the room for shabby chic and the other half for rococco elements, as this will result in an unnatural feeling to the room – like it’s a museum rather than a living space. Let things mix and mingle: if you’re following the other rules concerning colour and scale, the items should be comfortable living next to each other.

Don`t Forget French Furniture
When searching for shabby chic furniture you will often find the same companies offering french furniture because its derived from the same designs, the look and aesthetics of both genres is very similar and often just described as shabby or french for sales purposes. So if you want a wider range of products to choose from try searching for french furniture too, we have a big range of both types here at Homes Direct 365.

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