French Furniture – Why It is Ideal for Your Home

Rococco Range

Feel like king and queen through filling up your home with magnificent pieces of French Furniture. French furniture usually comprises both the most elegant and sophisticated furniture that was made in Paris for the rich upper bourgeoisie, aristocrats, as well as king and court and the French provincial furniture, which was obviously made in provincial towns and cities, many of which retained its cultural identities.

The quintessential French furniture is made of sturdy wood that can last for decades. It could be a dressing table, bedside table, dining table or side table. Most often, this style of furniture is characterised by its graceful curves. For example, a couch for the living room may have a wooden frame with curved, intricate designs on its backrest, armrest, and feet. It often manages to impress with its embossed and intricate details.

To make the furniture more impressive, builders uses textile materials with silky prints or embossed prints to leave an impression of wealth and luxury.


The Advantage of French Furniture

  • It is simple yet elegant

French Furniture can transform sparse and simple rooms into elegant spaces. For example, this type of furniture can add a touch of elegance and class in a room with very few ornaments or accessories and plain-coloured, simple walls. The furniture’s elegant curves coupled with the typically printed accessories can word as design. There is no need to spend more money on any other room accessory.

  • It can last for decades

French Furniture is usually made using the best upholstery and finest materials. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a bunch of antique French-style furniture nowadays. To ensure that the furniture will last for decades, choose the one made of hardwood materials.

  • It is easy to work with

French furniture is easy to be incorporated into your living space. It also often blends well with most side tables, curtains, or any other home ornaments or accessories. Moreover, this type of furniture goes in rooms of all size, types, and styles. The French style can be seamlessly adapted for furniture of all kinds and style and so can fit into any of the space or rooms in your home with ease.

Essentially, this type of furniture is perfect for both modern and traditional homes. They evoke a sense of charm and serenity and are elegant, durable and functional, making it a great investment.

You do not have to be extremely rich, mega successful, nor be a king or queen of a particular country to be able to experience the elegance and charm that French-style furniture brings. Nowadays, these pieces of furniture are not only accessible for the royalties, popular or those with a huge number of assets and massive wealth. Even the common everyday individual can already have one.

Do not think that this style is only suitable for girl’s room. It is actually very adaptable so it can also work for men’s room. Add a piece of French furniture in your living space and you sure will leave your guests awestruck while making them feel welcome in your humble abode.


A Fine Example Of French Furniture Design – Rococco Range

When we look at French furniture designs and styles, the world has never been stagnant. With endless variations and developments over the course of centuries it can, to the untrained eye, be impossible to determine the historic reference and signature design of each French piece.

First introduced in the 1730’s, the Rococo furniture pieces are today, one of the most sought after designs. After the introduction of the Baroque design, Rococo furniture pieces gradually followed. Unlike its predecessor which based its designs on the architectural ornamentation, the Rococo design and styling prominently features a more delicate, intricate and ornate carving style.

Flourishing during the reign of Louis XV, the French had an enormous impact and influence on furniture styles. His reign is often considered to represent the pinnacle of French interior and architectural design.



Curved forms of scroll carving is often seen, primarily resembling letters S and C.



Being the most prominent feature of Rococo furniture, Rocaille is often a rock / shell like or scroll design which is ornately carved out of wood.

Rocaille Design



Acanthus Leaf

Not relating closely to the real Acanthus leaf… rather a style taken of it, but is often one of the most prominent carving designs of the Rococo pieces.

Acanthus Leaf Design


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Rococco Range

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